Fast! Shark’s ‘Amazing’ Self-Empty Robot Vacuum Is $110 Off At Amazon Today Only

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Cleaner floors are in your future. (Photo: Amazon)

If you’re still pushing a vacuum cleaner around the house, it might be time to finally delegate your floors to a robot. A robotic vacuum cleaner is something to recharge, especially one that’s so smart it can map your entire house, empty its own trash can, and self-cleaning brush roll.

The Shark IQ self-emptying robot vacuum cleaner does all that and then some. We would actually call it less of a household appliance and more of a housekeeper. Only for today you can score a refurbished version and its services for a big discount – $110 off at Amazon.

Shop it: Shark IQ robot vacuum, $190 (was $300),

On sale for $190, the shark IQ cleans the way you want it to clean, whenever you want. Program it to tackle your entire house in one fell swoop every Saturday morning, or order it to clean just the living room tonight and the bedrooms tomorrow. You set the schedule using the Shark IQ app, Amazon Alexa or Google Home, then sit back and let the smart drive do its job.

The device really knows its way around. It uses an internal GPS, or an intelligent home mapping system, to travel throughout your domain. It carefully cleans every room, row by row, showing itself through doorways, under furniture and over any type of floor. Debris, pet hair, crumbs – nothing can survive the serious suction of the Shark.

the shark IQ is even refined enough to pick up grime from the corners of your kitchen floor thanks to dual edge and corner brushes, and the self-cleaning brush roll is designed to repel tangled hair. The shark IQ promises to dig up a lot of dirt and dust deep in the fibers of your carpet – it also traps allergens in a highly efficient filter.

This Sharik IQ is pre-owned and has been professionally inspected, tested and cleaned by Amazon qualified suppliers, so you can get a great product at a great discount.

“My floors have never been so clean,” says a reviewer. “The Shark IQ is great. We can run it several times a day if needed without any effort on our part and our floors are dog hair free.”

It works on hardwood and carpet.  (Photo: Amazon)

It works on hardwood and carpet. (Photo: Amazon)

Shop it: Shark IQ robot vacuum, $190 (was $300),

This vacuum cleaner is also quite self-sufficient. “I’m very happy that my laminate floors are now dust-free and the pet hair is gone. We have three small dogs and two cats that shed a lot and I couldn’t keep up before,” says one five star reviewer. “Our monthly cleaner has noticed that she only gets less than half in the vacuum she did for the robot.”

The fact that you can control it from anywhere, near or far, with your voice or via a smartphone app, is the icing on the cake. If you need to interrupt cleaning halfway through and resume it tomorrow, for example, the shark IQ even remembers where it left off. That’s smart!

Shop it: Shark IQ robot vacuum, $190 (was $300),

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