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Farewell to the ‘King of the Serengeti’: Fearsome lion named after Bob Marley is killed by his rivals

Farewell to the ‘King of the Serengeti’: Fearsome lion named after reggae singer Bob Marley is killed by younger rivals after ruling the pride for seven years

The formidable head of a pride of lions has been killed in a fierce attack by younger rivals.

Bob Junior, named after legendary reggae singer Bob Marley, was an incredibly photogenic big cat and a fan favorite among tour operators and visitors alike, who have paid tribute to him online.

With his brother Tryggve, the ‘coolest cat’ in the Serengeti National Park had ruled their pack for over seven years.

The lion, who was also known as Snyggve and was believed by some to enjoy his celebrity status, did not put up a fight when attacked by younger rivals on Saturday.

Tryggve is also believed to have died in a separate attack and wildlife conservationists are planning a special burial for the brothers.

Circle of Life: The fearsome big cat had been at the top of his pack for seven years before his younger rivals decided it was time for a bloody coup.

With his brother Tryggve, the

With his brother Tryggve, the “coolest cat” of the Serengeti, Bob Junior, made the most of his fame and always knew when a camera was around.

Serengeti conservation officer Fredy Shirima told the BBC that younger rivals would have been conspiring to depose their leader.

“These incidents normally occur when the head of a pride gets old, or sometimes when the other male lions are not happy with their control over a large territory.”

Shirima said environmental workers were trying to determine exactly what fate befell Tryggve, as the attacks that killed the brothers were separate.

The Serengetic is home to around 3,000 lions and in the wild, adult male lions have a lifespan of between eight and ten years.