Fans express their concerns for Madonna. 64, after she appears unrecognizable in TikTok video

Madonna fans have expressed concern for the pop star after she posted TikToks looking almost unrecognizable, leading some to compare the pop icon’s new look to Marilyn Manson.

In the video, the Like A Virgin singer, 64, angrily synced together with rapper Baby Keem’s song Vent.

‘Have you ever been punched in the motherf**king face? What you say, oh haven’t you? OK wait!’ the lyrics of the song.

Madonna furiously followed the lips on the runway with a halting look with red braids and bleached eyebrows – a trend that many younger stars are currently embracing.

A party leader from Nicole Peltz to Kylie Jenner has embraced the trend, which is supposed to boost the fame of other facial features, which can seem pretty harsh. But it doesn’t seem to have stopped stars as big as Madonna from adopting the look.

She also sported a busty display in a sheer black top worn under a lace corset.

The Material Girl singer was also decked out in dazzling jewelry, including diamond necklaces, gold bracelets and a silver grill.

She posted a much more daring video on her TikTok, where she danced in a lace bra, high-waisted underwear and even twerked in front of the camera.

‘What happened to you? You look like Marilyn Manson or something! Don’t shave the eyebrows!’ one concerned fan wrote on Instagram.

Express yourself!  Madonna expressed her frustrations in yet another bizarre video posted to her Instagram account on Thursday

Express yourself! Madonna expressed her frustrations in yet another bizarre video posted to her Instagram account on Thursday, where fans compared her to Marilyn Manson (right)

Busty show: Madonna flashed her cleavage in a sheer black top worn along with a corset

Her fans compared her to Marilyn Manson and asked the singer, “What happened to you?”

Another called for her to “retire,” saying, “the Madonna I used to admire was the one from The Immaculate Collection…this woman has lost her mind.”

A fan named Lainey said the pop star “used to represent female confidence,” but now she was just a “sad, scared, insecure, old person.”

Others called the displays “disturbing” and questioned whether the woman with bleached eyebrows was even Madonna herself.

‘Is that really her? Of course not?’ Ellie Michelle wrote on TikTok.

“This is not the Madonna I knew,” Angela Gentile wrote.

“Sometimes enough is enough,” a user named Camryn wrote on the popular platform.

Many fans also commented on her appearance and even speculated whether she had gone under the knife.

One wrote: ‘She needs to stop playing with her face. And raise some eyebrows.’

Despite most reactions being negative, the Grammy winner was still called a “legend” by many fans and claimed that others discriminated against her “age”.

She posted a much more daring video on her TikTok, where she danced in her lace bra, high-waisted underwear and twerked in front of the camera

Shake it! The Queen Of Pop twerked in front of the camera in her underwear and fishnet stockings

Madonna has been causing quite a stir online lately.

Last month, the Queen Of Pop had a brief feud with Cardi B when Madonna insisted she was paving the way for young artists to embrace their sexuality.

The backlash against the singer came after Madonna wrote about the 30th anniversary of her book, SEX, and how she had been vilified for her openness.

“30 years ago I published a book called SEX in addition to pictures of me naked there were pictures of men kissing men, women kissing women and me kissing everyone,” she wrote Sunday.

Madonna continues, “I also wrote about my sexual fantasies and ironically shared my point of view on sexuality.”

The Borderline singer went on to say she has been the target of criticism from less open-minded individuals.

Many called the TikToks “disturbing” and said she was nothing like the person they grew up with

“In the new years, I was interviewed by narrow-minded people who tried to shame me for making myself stronger as a woman,” she recalls.

Madonna then noted that over time she was referred to as “aw****, a witch, a heretic and the devil.”

The hitmaker went on to say that modern entertainers could be much more open about their sexuality.

“Now Cardi B can sing about her WAP. Kim Kardashian can grace the cover of any magazine with her naked a** and Miley Cyrus can come in like a wrecking ball,” she said. Madonna then closed her statement by writing, “You’re welcome b*tches.

Cardi seemed particularly annoyed at the clown emoji and the use of the word b***h’.

Commenting on Twitter, the Bodak Yellow singer wrote: “I’ve literally paid tribute to this woman so many times because I grew up listening to her…she can make her point without using clown emojis and slick mouthing. become ..’

She continued, “These icons don’t really become disappointments once you’ve made it in the industry, so I’m keeping it to myself.”