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Fan Bingbing’s Feminist Thriller ‘Green Night’ Gets North American Distribution (Exclusive)


Fan Bingbing’s recent gritty thriller green night It’s heading to North American theaters. The Film Movement has acquired all rights to the film in North America and plans to release it in theaters this winter, followed by a release on home entertainment and digital platforms.

The film, set in South Korea, follows a Chinese woman who escapes from her oppressive husband and embarks on an exciting and dangerous adventure with a mysterious green-haired girl. Directed by Chinese director Han Shuai and filmed in Korean and Mandarin, green night had its world premiere at the 2023 Berlin International Film Festival in February, where it was well received by critics. The film co-stars Lee Joo Young, recently seen in Hirokazu Kore-eda’s Cannes favorite. Runner.

“Fan Bingbing has an exceptional range that really shows in this feminist noir,” says Film Movement President Michael Rosenberg. “We are also excited to show a new side of her through this film to her many fans in North America.”

Fan Bingbing and Lee Joo Young in ‘Green Night’

The plot summary for the film is as follows: In an effort to escape her troubled past, Chinese citizen Jin Xia (Fan) marries a Korean man named Lee Seung-hun in exchange for legal status in South Korea. South. One night, the overly practical Xia meets a mysterious green-haired girl and soon becomes involved in the dangerous world of drug dealing. Drawn to this stranger for some inexplicable reason, Xia takes her home, and the pair end up killing Seung-hun in a not-so-accidental accident. On the run and in search of the breakthrough that could free them from all their dependencies, as they venture into the underworld of South Korea, they are forced to fend off the men who seek to dominate, possess and use them.

Added fan: “I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to bring our film to a wider audience. Reconnecting with my American fans is something I’ve been waiting for and green night makes it possible. I look forward to seeing how viewers will react to our unique and powerful story.”

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Fan Bingbing in ‘Green Night’

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