Home Life Style Family granted legal avenue to claim damages after student’s tragic death due to boyfriend’s abuse

Family granted legal avenue to claim damages after student’s tragic death due to boyfriend’s abuse

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Family granted legal avenue to claim damages after student's tragic death due to boyfriend's abuse

In a landmark decision, the grieving family of a student who tragically ended her life following a series of brutal assaults by her boyfriend have been allowed to proceed with a compensation claim against the perpetrator. The Court of Session, led by Lord Harrower, has cleared the way for the family to claim damages from Angus Milligan, whose abusive actions deeply impacted Emily before her untimely death.

Milligan, once a student at the University of Aberdeen, faced the consequences of his actions in July 2017 when he was sentenced to 180 hours of community service. His guilty plea to assault charges revealed a harrowing narrative of abuse, which included sending threatening text messages and physically assaulting Emily in a jealous rage at her student accommodation. Emily’s aspirations of pursuing a law degree at the University of Aberdeen were cut short just six months after her trip, overshadowed by the ordeal she faced, reported Sun.

The devastating turn of events led Emily to take her own life, a decision her family firmly attributes to Milligan’s reprehensible behavior. in a important judicial development, Lord Harrower’s written judgment recognized the family’s quest for justice, allowing the compensation claim to move forward. The complexities of the case, particularly the direct link of Milligan’s abuse to Emily’s death, will be analyzed as the lawsuit unfolds, marking a critical moment in the family’s quest for accountability.

Milligan’s background, marked by his education at prestigious institutions such as Fettes College, did little to temper his actions, which were characterized by aggression and dominance. Her attack on Emily at Hillhead Halls of Residence in March 2016 marked the beginning of a tumultuous period that ultimately led to her tragic disappearance. Although their relationship began under seemingly normal circumstances, it quickly deteriorated, culminating in violence and despair.

The aftermath of the court process revealed the depth of Milligan’s abuse, and Emily’s parents, Fiona and Germain Drouet, expressed the profound impact of his actions on their daughter’s vulnerability. The revelation of Milligan as a manipulative abuser brought to light the stark reality of the circumstances that led to Emily’s decision to end her life.

Fiona Drouet’s reflections on the ordeal emphasize the stark contrast between Emily’s aspirations for justice and the grim outcome of her journey. However, following the court’s decision to allow the compensation claim to proceed, there is a glimmer of hope for a legal reckoning, which Emily’s mother considers her “first legal victory”. This case not only represents an important step towards justice for Emily and her family, but also highlights the broader implications of addressing and rectifying the consequences of abusive relationships.

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