Family fears the worst for the missing 13-year-old British girl, who may have been kidnapped in Trinidad

The family of a 13-year-old British girl fears the worst after she disappeared after a trip to the shops while visiting her grandmother in Trinidad amid concerns she may have been kidnapped.

Delika White Lezama of Greenford, London, disappeared on December 17 while traveling with her mother and brother to the Caribbean.

Desperate relatives have since unsuccessfully tried to contact her by phone and search for her, and now fear for her safety.

Delika’s aunt, Melanie Moore, told her The mirror she hopes Delika has “run away” and turns up safely, adding, “Otherwise it won’t work out.”

Delika White Lezama, 13, of Greenford, London, disappeared while traveling with her mother and brother to Trinidad to visit her grandmother

Delika Was Last Seen In A Pink Top And Black Skirt, And Had Recently Removed Her Braids

Delika was last seen in a pink top and black skirt, and had recently removed her braids

The teen was last seen on a side street after going to a corner shop to buy a SIM card for her phone near her grandmother’s house in the town of Sangre Grande at around 4 p.m.

According to The mirrorDelika’s family began a desperate search for her after realizing ten minutes later that she hadn’t come home but couldn’t find her.

Police officers from the local police anti-kidnapping unit are looking for her, whose family has support from the British Foreign Office.

Meanwhile, Delika’s family has also issued repeated calls to find her on social media, saying they are “beyond desperate.”

Ms Moore said Delika’s mother, Delia White, is “looking everywhere she can” and is deeply distressed.

She added, “I’m just praying for her safe return. A lot of time has passed, which is not good for anyone.

“At this point, I hope she ran away and will come back before her plane ticket runs out. That’s the best case scenario. Otherwise it won’t work out.’

The Teen Was Last Seen On A Side Road Around 4 P.m. On Dec. 17 After Going To A Corner Shop Near Her Grandmother'S Home In The Town Of Sangre Grande, Pictured.

The teen was last seen on a side road around 4 p.m. on Dec. 17 after going to a corner shop near her grandmother’s home in the town of Sangre Grande, pictured.

The Teen'S Mother Said The Family Went On A Manic Search When Her Daughter Did Not Return Home

The teen’s mother said the family went on a manic search when her daughter did not return home

Ms Moore said she and other family members have repeatedly sent messages and tried calling Delika’s phone, but despite them being delivered, it appears she hasn’t read any.

Her aunt started texting her at midnight after she disappeared.

She added that Delika’s mother is “very protective of her kids,” especially when she’s on vacation, saying, “It’s not like she goes out and does a lot of things on her own.”

Delika’s mother, Delia White, told the newspaper: “She didn’t seem upset or angry when she left — there was nothing that would have made her run away.

“I can’t think of anyone in particular who could kidnap her, but everyone knows us, the whole community knows us, and I come and go from the UK all the time to see my mum.

“My seven-year-old son is here too, and I’m just trying to stay strong for him. Right now I don’t have the energy to even say how I feel.’

Ms White said the family went on a manic search when her daughter did not return home.

She said CCTV cameras in the area were not working, making it more difficult to locate her daughter.

After darkness fell, Mrs. White said, ‘I started to worry because she doesn’t know the area, she doesn’t really speak the language, so I think someone could have seen her or a driver could have picked her up. .

“I don’t know if she went somewhere and got lost.”

Since The Disappearance Of The Teenager, The Family Has Sent Several Messages To Delika'S Phone That Have Been Delivered But Not Read

Since the disappearance of the teenager, the family has sent several messages to Delika’s phone that have been delivered but not read

A British National, Delika Is From Greenford, London, And Was Visiting Trinidad With Her Mother And Brother To See Her Grandmother

A British national, Delika is from Greenford, London, and was visiting Trinidad with her mother and brother to see her grandmother

Ms White added that when it got dark she went to the police station to file a report, before driving around looking for her all night.

She said her daughter had been to the corner shop to buy a SIM card because she was having problems with her phone over the holidays.

The shopkeeper confirmed that she had visited the shop, but she could not find the card she needed and left.

Since the teen’s disappearance, police have tracked down CCTV footage and reportedly searched nearby homes, rivers and bushes for evidence of what happened to her.

The case is being investigated by the area’s anti-kidnapping unit.

Vallence Rambharat, captain of the Hunter search and rescue team, said: ‘We can confirm that Delika White Lezama is still missing.

“We can also confirm that the investigation by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Anti-Kidnapping Unit is continuing.”

Delika’s elder sister has taken to social media to share numerous pictures of her sibling over social media in an effort to help people recognize her.

She recently posted, “There are a few different looks she could be sporting right now, but we’re not sure if you see her or think you’ve seen her, call the police.” Please.

‘We are now more than 2 weeks further and she is still missing. Has anyone seen her or does she know where she is?

‘If you want to remain anonymous, that is certainly an option. Family, friends and police will follow every lead at this point.

“Can someone, someone, please step up with some kind of information. We’re beyond desperate to find her.’

According to police, Delika was wearing a pink top, black skirt and pink and white Nike Air Force sneakers at the time of her disappearance. She also wore glasses and had recently removed her braids.

Anyone with information on Delika’s whereabouts is urged to contact the Trinidad and Tobago Police Anti-Kidnapping Unit, Hunters Search and Rescue Team, Sangre Grande Police Station at 668-2444 or 800-TIPS or the Police Department at 555, 999 , 911.

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