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Fallout 76 studio working on unannounced AAA game | -WhatsNew2Day


It is considered Sperasoft One of the most acclaimed supporting studios in the industry, having been involved in developing huge and different AAA titles with a variety of veteran developers over the years and for example has Fallout 76 on its track record, and it wouldn’t be strange knowing that it is currently working on a game project. RPG.

According to file LinkedIn Created by designer Andrew K, the studio is currently working on a big budget action RPG but the project is yet to be announced and uses Unreal Engine 5. There’s also no mention of exactly how much Sperasoft is involved in the project, or even who the lead studio is. Given the huge variety of developers they’ve worked with in the past, the project Andrew K is referring to is something for everyone to think about.

Sperasoft has provided development support for a slew of blockbuster games in recent years, the studio’s expertise in game development has backed titles like Fallout 76, Halo Infinite, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Dead Space, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Saints Row, and more. After all these mega games it is good to know what the developer’s current project is.

Mentioning the unannounced projects, it seems that the current year, and specifically as we enter the summer, will carry with it a lot of revelations and preludes, especially with the end of the previous generation officially at the end of this year. There are a lot of secrets we are looking forward to knowing during the upcoming summer events.

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