Fall Guys beans are the perfect height to hit Among Us beans on the head


Turns out the bean-like Autumn boys characters would be the perfect height to pet the bean Among us crewmembers on the head, should they ever exist in the same universe. The Among us and Autumn boys Twitter accounts made the discovery on Monday. How?

Well it all started with this question from Chris on Twitter:

It’s a good question. I can’t believe I never asked myself.

The Among us Twitter account then revealed that the crew members in the game are three feet, six inches tall. Sounds good, although I honestly thought they were a little shorter.

The Autumn boys Twitter account quickly followed with what people think the canonical size of a Fall Guy is: six feet, that’s how tall one of the Autumn boys bean creatures is in the game development software Unity. The Autumn boys account also helpfully placed a Fall Guy on a map next to a human.

The Autumn boys account then said: the obvious next thing:

And the Among us bill delivered, to hilarious results.

The graph shows that a Autumn boys bean is just the right height to be able to knock a Among us crew member on the head! Aww, they can be friends. (Although if I have a Autumn boys bean, i would be careful if i got too close to a Among us crew member.)

That’s not all, however. Now that I have you, I would like to present my theory that Autumn boys beans are an evolved version of the Among us crew members. Come here with me.

Let’s start with the elevation changes we learned about today. They could indicate that the Among us bean variety grows to the size of the Autumn boys bean types.

I understand that may not be enough evidence for you, so let’s compare the anatomy of the two bean-like species. The skeleton of a Among us crew member consists of a single bone, apparently:

A Autumn boys bean, on the other hand, has a considerably more complex (and gruesome) anatomical structure.

The different heights and anatomical complexities between the two types of beans that are very similar lead me to one conclusion: the Among us beans evolve into the Autumn boys beans.

Can someone pat me on the back for this bulletproof scientific theory?