Fake Lashes to Make Your Eyes Pop

Fake Lashes to Make Your Eyes Pop

Fake lashes can transform your eyes, making them stunning instantly. Have you ever looked at a doe closely? Her eyes look stellar with long lashes. Don’t you want longer and thicker lashes like a doe? 

Whether it’s a casual dinner date or a party, you can add depth to your makeup using fake lashes. They make your eyes pop, and you look a lot more vibrant. These lashes are now available in different sizes and shapes. We are here to help you choose the ones suitable for your eye shape and look. 

How to choose the right kind of false lashes?

All kinds of eyelashes look best on almond-shaped eyes. But, all of us have got unique shaped eyes. So to make them pop, you have to choose the lashes carefully.

If you have wide-set eyes, choose lashes thick at the center. It will make them look closer and more open. If you have small eyes, go for the one thick towards the end. This way, your eyes will look prettier. For those who have deep-set eyes, your brow line might look a bit prominent. You can choose extensions with long lashes to get that stunning appeal. 

Trim them as per the preferred size 

False lashes come at standard lengths. You can trim off the excess length before applying them. Use an ordinary pair of scissors to cut the lashes. Don’t trim them after fixing on your eyes, as you might accidentally trim off your real lashes. Moreover, it’s dangerous to use a scissor once you have secured the lashes. 

How to apply the lashes?

Take the eyelashes from the packaging using your hands or tweezers. Try to peel it from the outer edge to maintain the curvy shape of the lashes. Invest in good quality glue. There is clear and black colored glue available in the market. Apply glue to the vein of the lashes using a Qtip.

 Once the glue is dry, carefully place the lashes on your eyelids. It is better to finish your eye makeup before putting on the lashes. To stick it properly, you can trace the eyeliner. Also, do not shut your eyes while fixing the lashes. Instead, you can look down on to a mirror. After putting on the extensions, add some more eyeliner to mask the lashes. You can apply another coat of mascara if you want and re-curl the lashes for a better finish. But applying mascara to the false lashes will cut short its life. So it is up to you to do the last step or not. 

How to gently remove the eyelashes after use?

You can take a cotton pad, drench it in warm water and place it over the false lashes. It will soften the glue, and you can easily take off the lashes. You can also use the makeup remover to pull them off. If you are planning to reuse the eyelashes, make sure you clean them properly. While cleaning, be gentle, else you will end up ruining the lashes. 

Summing up 

False lashes are getting trendy, so you have no excuse left not to try them on. They will add an edge to your makeup and give more focus to your eyes. If you feel they are a bit too much for a casual look, you can cut them in half and wear them at the ends of your eyelids. Couple it with sleek cat-winged eyeliner, or flaunt a smoky eye look. 

There are many ways to make your eyes pop. If you are not blessed with long lashes, the fake ones are here to make your eyes look bigger and prettier. No matter what the occasion is, put on the lashes and flutter them.