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Thousands of Telstra customers are unable to make or receive calls in the event of a major outage

  • Telstra users in Victoria cannot make or receive calls via their telephone
  • The telecommunications company tweeted that users knew there were problems
  • Customers can still send text messages and send emails to accounts

Telstra users have been left in the dark after the telecommunications company had encountered a failure.

Customers in Victoria have not been able to make or receive calls since the blackout.

Telstra went to Twitter to say that it was quick to solve the problem.


& # 39; We are aware that some people intermittently experience problems making calls on their mobile and we are investigating this.

& # 39; Data and messages are OK. We will give you an update if we know more. & # 39;

Customers must still be able to send text messages or emails.

Angry customers have broadcast their frustration on social media.

& # 39; I had about ten failed phone calls this afternoon – is there a mobile failure? a person tweeted.

Another set: & # 39; HELP. Or order at least our Friday night pizza. Glad you paid the charge. Can't make outgoing calls … what's the problem? & # 39;

More to come


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