Facts Everyone Should Know About 5 Panel Drug Test

Many governments around the world impose drug and alcohol regulations on their civilians. They do this to ensure safety in the workplace and efficiency in conducting several activities. Most companies require this test alongside any job offer they give out. Some even go-ahead to take it periodically, or if they suspect that their employee is under the influence of drugs.

Of all the different drug tests, the most common drug test type is the five-panel drug test. Although governments worldwide have legalized cannabis and other substances, many companies still mandate their employees to take this drug test. This makes it necessary to understand the five-panel drug test and what you can test for with it. Hence, here is all you should know about the five-panel drug test.

The Availability Of This Test

Due to its popularity, the 5 panel drug test is available in many stores around you. This test is available as:

  • Lab-based test

This form looks more sophisticated and complex to understand. However, you should know that employees or other government officials can decide to take a sample from you using this tool and then subject it to investigation in the lab. Without question, this is the more thorough form of the five-panel drug test.

  • Instant rapid drug test

This is the form of a five-panel test that is popular in stores and supermarkets. Also, unlike the lab-based test, this form does not require lab analysis. The results are available on the device minutes after you place a sample on it. It is a less thorough but instantaneous way of getting test results.

The five-panel drug test is one of the various forms of test drugs you can take, with some others being a four-panel, a seven-panel, and a ten-panel drug test. It all depends on what your employer wants to use. However, the five-panel drug test is the standard form of drug test. 

What This Drug Test Detects

The five-panel drug test will screen for five main drugs in any sample. Your employees can decide to use hair, urine, blood, or saliva as a sample.

  • You can find traces of drugs in your saliva, and these drug tests will detect drugs in saliva for 1-2 days.
  • They can detect drugs in urine between 3-30 days after using drugs, depending on how much and how often you use it. This is the most common sample that employers ask from you.
  • Some employers like to go the extra mile and use your hair as a sample. This drug test can detect any form of the drug in your hair for up to 90 days, no matter how much you use or how often. 

That said, it tests for these five drugs:

1. Marijuana

Marijuana is the most common substance that employers find in the sample of their employees. Marijuana itself contains many beneficial components to humans, but THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, contains the psychoactive chemical that makes people feel high. When you take marijuana, you feel a tremendous euphoria that employers believe will affect the way you perform your work duties.

Although many countries have legalized it, the DOT still bans safety-sensitive employees, such as construction workers, from using it.

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2. Cocaine

Several studies have shown that cocaine has no medicinal benefits, which means people use it recreationally. Cocaine is a substance that you can get from a cocoa plant in South America. People extract a whitish powder from the plant and process it until it becomes cocaine. Similar to marijuana, it produces feelings of euphoria and overwhelming happiness. However, it contains many components that make people addicted to it. Governments consider it to be a schedule 2 drug which is very dangerous. 

3. Opiates

Opiates are drugs that produce relaxing feelings and reduce pain. However, people use this substance to make drugs such as heroin and morphine illegally. Due to this reason, opiates such as heroin are schedule 1 drugs because they are highly addictive. Long-term consumption can shorten your lifespan. 

4. Phencyclidine

This chemical is artificial, and you can find it in veterinarian offices and laboratories. People steal it to make dangerous drugs such as angel dust. Long-term use can lead to life-threatening health complications such as schizophrenia.

Thus, the government considers phencyclidine to be a schedule 2 drug, and humans are never allowed to take it. Phencyclidine does not possess any health benefit to humans, so there’s no point in taking it. 

5. Amphetamines

In contrast to the two mentioned above, manufacturers create this drug artificially.  Amphetamine is a treatment for ADHD mental health disorder, and it doesn’t make you feel euphoric. Instead, it makes you feel alert and focused on the task at hand. When you use it in excess, it can distort your sense of your environment and even time.

It is a highly addictive drug, which is why it is considered a schedule 2 drug. Moreover, it is one of the most misused drugs, making it easy to understand why manufacturers have designed the five-panel drug tests to detect its presence.

Final Thoughts

Above are the drugs that the 5-panel drug test can detect in you. It is also a thorough and reliable way to test for drugs, so it would be best if you laid off taking these hard drugs so you won’t get in trouble.