FaceGym launches new nightly cheat mask and readers can shop 24 hours earlier than anyone else

Reset while you rest! FaceGym Launches New Overnight Mask to Purify, Firm, Brighten and Restore Skin OVERNIGHT — and DailyMail.com Readers Get Early Access and a Free $25 Moisturizer



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Beauty experts recommend seven to eight hours of sleep a night for a glowing complexion, but in reality it’s not always possible to achieve that much rest.

Just in time for the holidays, which often get in the way of sleep, FaceGym is launching an overnight mask that’s been tried and tested to mimic the effects of a full night’s sleep under the covers. And DailyMail.com readers are invited to buy this new one cheat mask 24 hours before someone else uses this clutch and receive a free $30 moisturizer with every mask purchase.

Beauty sleep is when the skin resets and recovers, but what can you do if you’re not sleeping optimally? This mask will help you navigate your way to the state of revitalization of sleep.

The powerful formula contains liposomal melatonin to trick the skin into thinking it has entered a deep, soothing state, activating recovery mode and allowing the restorative work to begin.

Use code DMGIFT for a free Supreme Restructure moisturizer to get wrinkle-reducing coverage day and night.


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Clinical and user testing for the FaceGym Cheat Mask is impressive and some users say it can work from the very first nightly treatment. To celebrate the launch, receive a free 15ml of Supreme Restructure Moisturizer worth $30 with the code DMGIFT at checkout at FaceGym

Add the . please FaceGym Supreme Restructure Moisturizer to your shopping cart together with the Cheat Mask and the code DMGIFT will make the 15ml moisturizer completely free. Clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just 14 days, the collagen-boosting powerhouse is a must in any anti-aging skincare routine.

But it’s the cheat mask that’s a beauty revolution because it literally cheats the need to get a full beauty sleep.

When applied to the face, the powerful formula works to speed up the skin’s natural repair process overnight, so skin renews and heals in just a few hours instead of taking overnight. You can see results on the testers’ skin in just seven days.

In trials, shoppers noticed a reduction in redness, clearer and brighter skin in just seven days after using FaceGym’s Cheat Mask overnight

Normally the body needs to be in a deep sleep state for the recovery process to take place, but good news for light sleepers is that the FaceGym cheat mask will put your skin into recovery mode so you will look reborn no matter how deeply you slept.

Even good sleepers can benefit from the mask as it will improve what your body is already doing, boost your glow, reduce pigmentation and heal acne scars. There are before and after photos from user tests that show the incredible effects of just a few applications before bedtime.

The longer you use the FaceGym Cheat Mask, the better the results with acne and pimples disappearing after a month of use

Suffering from acne scars? Users found that the FaceGym Cheat Mask helped clear them up after a month and redness also seemed to be reduced

The hardworking mask contains an advanced formulation of liposomal melatonin to trick the skin into thinking it has entered a deep, soothing state, activating recovery mode and allowing the restorative work to begin.

Melatonin is a natural hormone produced when you sleep, and its use in the mask tempts your body to trigger a process that would otherwise occur during sleep to minimize inflammation and visibly reduce wrinkles.

To help boost your body’s own healing processes, the potent formula also includes FaceGym’s Tri-Acid Complex of seven percent lactic, 2.5 percent succinic, and asian acid to relieve congestion and reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation, blemishes and redness.

The lightweight and fast-absorbing formula makes the body feel in a deep sleep so that the skin repair process can begin

Sleep is a key factor in keeping skin looking youthful and user studies reported that the cheat mask had a visible effect on the reduction of lines and wrinkles.

In these studies, after just seven days of use, 93 percent agreed skin felt firmer, 93 percent agreed skin looked and felt smoother, and 93 percent agreed skin looked brighter/brighter looked.

Clinical results were even more impressive with results even after just one use. It found that skin looks 17 percent more radiant and pore size appears up to 14 percent smaller after just one Cheat Mask application.

So what are you waiting for? Our preview is only valid for 24 hours, so we recommend checking the FaceGym cheat mask quick to your basket as it is likely to be sold out when it goes on general release. Don’t forget the code DMGIFT for the complimentary Supreme Restructure moisturizer.


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