Facebook’s new fantasy sports-like prediction games let you blast your boldest picks at everyone you know

Facebook is adding fantasy sports-like prediction games that allow users to guess what’s going to happen in sports, TV shows, and pop culture. the new games, called Facebook Fantasy Games, will be rolled out first on the iOS and Android apps for users in the US and Canada.

The first game available is Pick & Play Sports, a daily sports prediction game created in partnership with Whistle Sports. (It was already available in the iOS app for me, so maybe for you too.) In the “coming months,” Facebook plans to release additional games for TV shows like the bachelorette and Survivor, sports leagues such as Major League Baseball, and one made with BuzzFeed. Games have public leaderboards, but you can also create your own public or private leagues if you want to compete with smaller groups or just talk nonsense.

Compete with your family and friends by creating leagues.
Image: Facebook

However, the games don’t seem to have any features that allow you to put real money on the line, so if you want to gamble, you’ll have to handle those trades yourself. It also doesn’t appear that Facebook currently offers traditional fantasy sports leagues. But this could be Facebook’s first toe in the water to compete with big fantasy sports entities like DraftKings and ESPN.

Facebook has recently turned to gaming in an effort to get people to continue using its services. The company launched a web app for its cloud gaming service in July to circumvent Apple’s App Store rules and let iOS users try it out. It also offers a Twitch-like streaming service, facebook gaming. These new fantasy games offer something a little different from those more traditional game offerings, but they might be a better fit for the social network – it seems easy to share a bold choice on your feed and wait for the comments to roll in.