Facebook could pay billions after losing the privacy appeal of face recognition

Facebook will begin testing hiding as counts, starting in Australia on September 27, according to TechCrunch. The test hides the number of likes on a message and only indicates that a message is sent by & # 39; (a friend) and others & # 39; is liked instead of showing the actual number to the public. The limited test is a measure of whether the function can improve users' sense of well-being, and if the experiment is successful, the test can be rolled out to more regions.


“We conduct a limited test where likes, comments and video views on Facebook are made private. We will collect feedback to understand whether this change will improve people's experiences, & said a Facebook spokesperson TechCrunch.

Facebook confirmed earlier this month that it was considering hiding itself as counts after mobile app researcher Jane Manchun Wong discovered the hidden feature buried in the company's Android app. According to her findings, people can still tap to see the full list of people who liked and responded to a post (and you could probably count manually from there), but this number is no longer shown in the news feed. The ability to see the exact number of likes at a glance is a small adjustment that could go a long way to reducing feelings of anxiety and depression associated with the use of social media.

Instagram started its test to hide as counts earlier this year in Canada and extended the test to more regions when users reported that they liked the hidden counts. The purpose of these tests, of course, is to keep users happy enough to continue using Facebook and Instagram, so if the tests prove to be successful in keeping people posting and liking, the feature is likely to be rolled out to more countries .