<pre><pre>Facebook starts telling users who try to share distorted Nancy Pelosi video that it's fake

Earlier this week, a modified video from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was set on fire on Facebook and despite falsifying it, the platform has so far refused to remove it. However, it has now chosen to notify users trying to share the clip that it has been simulated.


"When the video was checked as an error, we drastically reduced distribution," said a Facebook spokesperson The edge. "Speed ​​is crucial for this system and we continue to improve our response. People who watch the video in a feed, try to share it through a feed or are already shared, are warned that it is not right."

The new menu appears when a user taps the Share button, notifying him that there has been new reporting about the video. "Before you share this content, you may want to know that there is additional reporting about it," the menu reads. Next, buttons are displayed that users can click to read articles from organizations such as, Lead Stories, PolitiFact, the Associated Press and 20 minutes. With the first button, the user can continue to share the video.

This menu appears on Facebook when a user tries to share a distorted video from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The edge tested this new menu and it appears when a user clicks on Pelosi's fake clip on share on the Political WatchDog page that originally shared it. It is unclear whether the message will also appear if it is uploaded again and if Facebook has used this type of disclosure before.

Facebook & # 39; s head of global policy management, Monika Bickert, last night appeared on CNN to explain the platform's decision to keep the video up. Bickert acknowledged that users who wanted to share it would be notified that it was fake, but it was unclear how that was done.

"Anyone who sees this video in news feed, anyone who is going to share it with someone else, anyone who has shared it in the past, is warned that this video is incorrect," Bickert told CNN.

When the news broke on Thursday that this video was circulating on social media, YouTube decided to remove this video. President Donald Trump also tweeted the video on his personal Twitter account. Twitter has yet to remove it or provide a public statement about that decision.