Facebook says it no longer replenishes Oculus Rift S supplies


Facebook says Oculus Rift S headsets will “generally” not be restocked when they disappear from store shelves, marking the end of the virtual reality system’s lifespan. As UploadVR reported yesterday, Facebook confirmed that “in general, as channels are out of stock, they won’t be restocked in the future.” The PC tethered headset is not available through the Oculus store and is out of stock on retail platforms such as Amazon and Walmart in the US, except from third-party sellers.

Facebook announced last year that it would discontinue the Oculus Rift S in 2021. While the headset was a successor to the signature Oculus Rift, it detracted from features like screen resolution and refresh rate, especially when compared to high-end PC-based competitors like the Valve Index. Meanwhile, Facebook shifted its focus to the standalone Oculus Quest, a mobile headset that also plugs into a desktop PC – making it functionally a replacement for the Rift S.

According to some reports, that strategy was a marked departure from Oculus’ earlier plans. Oculus co-founder Brendan Iribe left the company in 2018, reportedly after Facebook canceled a more expensive one ‘Rift 2’ headset. Oculus founder Palmer Luckey also left alluded to that rumor on Twitter, saying he “envisioned a world where Rift 2 was not canceled shortly before going into production and then canceled again in favor of a Lenovo rebadge with much lower specifications.” (The Oculus Rift S was co-produced with Lenovo.)

The move to standalone design has apparently worked well for Facebook so far. Facebook says the Oculus has Quest 2 from last year outsold all the previous ones Oculus headsets combined. The device has established Facebook as the dominant VR headset company for the price of giving up high-end PC-based VR to competitors including Valve, HTC and HP. And Facebook has indicated it will continue the Quest line for the foreseeable future – with CEO Mark Zuckerberg saying he already envisions “Quest 3 and 4” headsets.