<pre><pre>Facebook is still working on its weird TV streaming device with a built-in camera

There are no indications that Facebook video chat devices are a hit for the company, but that has not stopped the development of other products. According to The information, Facebook continues to work on a camera that can be connected to a TV and can be used as a device for video streaming a la Roku or Fire TV. Facebook has reportedly approached Netflix, Disney, HBO and Hulu about the possible inclusion of their subscription services on the hardware, which is expected to be announced this fall.


This hybrid device has been reported in the past (first through Cheddar), but the release period and conversations with streaming partners are new to The information story. Facebook has immediately confirmed that it is planning & # 39; new form factors & # 39; of the Portal brand products in the fall. Disney + comes on November 12 and every company that makes a streaming gadget wants it between their apps as quickly as possible.

Netflix is ​​not available on Facebook portal products or on other smart screens that are currently on the market. For whatever reason, the company has not yet embraced this new device category. But the Portal also misses many other popular video apps, and it seems that Facebook is trying to correct this for its next restart.

The TV may seem like a natural place for Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp video chats if you can connect a camera to it. But the living room is also where people tend to relax. Who wants to aim a camera 24/7 on their couch? Especially a Facebook-made one. I think the privacy reputation of the company will immediately sink this thing for many consumers in the same way that it made them suspicious of the Portal. But I'm still curious to see what this thing looks like.