FAA asks the public not to attach weapons, bombs or flame throwers to drones

The Federal Aviation Administration wants you to know that drones and weapons & # 39; a dangerous mix & # 39; to be. The government institution sent a message on Thursday "Warning" the public "that it is illegal to operate a drone with a dangerous weapon attached." A dangerous weapon is broadly defined as "any item used for or easily capable of causing death or serious bodily injury."


"You may have seen online photos and videos of drones with attached guns, bombs, fireworks, flame throwers and other dangerous items," the FAA writes, nailing us to the wall. "Do not consider linking items such as this to a drone, since operating a drone with such an item can cause significant damage to a person and to your bank account."

The agency reminds everyone that operating a drone with a dangerous weapon is a violation Section 363 of the FAA Reauthorization Act 2018, which can result in fines of up to $ 25,000 for each violation, unless the drone operator "receives specific permission from the FAA manager to perform the operation" (by the way, if you know one of these approved flights, do not hesitate to let me know.) Other state and federal laws restricting the use of weapons may also apply to these dangerous drone flights, the FAA adds.

People in the US for sure to have have been tying weapons to their commercial drones since technology started a few years ago, including a certain hobbyist from Connecticut who manages the range from guns to flame throwers. There has also been legal tug-of-war drones in recent years. It is not common for the government to come in with an official notification, accompanied by boomer meme-like graphics as seen above. (But again, it is the 61st anniversary of the FAA today, so that part seems appropriate.) Safe flying, everyone.