Exploring different types of art

Art is a fantastic way of expressing emotions, feelings, and personality. Expressing oneself in creative output is something that has been put there since the beginning of time as we know it. Bushmen have left paintings on rock faces and caves, Egyptians have been writing in hieroglyphics since before the pyramids were built, the Inca have designed giant land art that can be seen from outer space. Creating art is how we are wired and while we might not all thing that we are creative people, there are different forms of creativity which even include how we dress and what we produce. For those of us who feel they are less able to create art, we can’t ignore that there is still attraction to a good piece of artwork and different types of art attract different people. Here are some examples of different art types.

Art in painting and drawing

When we think of art, we almost certainly cast our minds to paint first. Maybe this is because we started painting and drawing early on as children. Within the category of painting, there are different types. Some of these are oil, acrylic, water-based or charcoal and pencils. Then there’s the perspective of the art, such as landscape or portrait, abstract or fine art. An artist like the well-known Gloria Petyarre art for sale online and in galleries all over Australia is one such artist who would fit into this category

Art in sculpture

The medium used from sculptures can be quite a wide range. There are sculptures done from wood, stone, iron, bronze and other types of metals. There are two primary classes of sculpture and this would be relief sculpture and sculpture in the round. The most popular methods used when making sculptures are joining, modelling and carving. Michaelangelo and Donatello would be two famous sculptures that date back to the 14th century.

Art in ceramics

As the name has it, traditionally ceramic art is made from ceramic materials most typically being clay. However, it has evolved into an art that uses plastic materials. It includes pottery, figurines and it overlaps with sculpting. It is seen in tableware and ceramics can include tiles which can also be applied to mosaic art. Ceramics use porcelain, clay, stone, and other earthenware type substrates. The well-known Pablo Picasso is an example of ceramics artist

Art in textiles

Textile art is the process of using fibres extracted from various sources, mostly natural but more commonly synthetic to create something decorative and artistic. Some of the fibres can be extracted from animals, such as hair and leather, silk from silkworms and plants. This is an ancient art form that women have typically done. A tapestry is a form of textile art. Other different types of textile art can include beadwork, which used to be from seeds and plants but now is more typically synthetic. It also includes crochet, embroidery, cross-stitch, knitting. Sheila Hicks and Debbie Smyth are textile artists who have taken the medium and pushed their limits to new levels.