Explaining Permanent Makeup Technique and Its Significant Benefits

The evolving skin treatment techniques are making us feel more satisfied with the results every day. From beautification to skin flaws rectification, technology is upgrading aspects of dermatological art at new levels. The beauty treatment industry always introduces surprising things beyond the imagination of people. From the last few years, the demand for permanent skin treatment solutions has increased. Instead of investing substantially in temporary makeup, ladies look for something more reliable that doesn’t fade away in the evening after applying a face wash. Have you ever imagined a beautiful makeup that permanently remains on your face? If yes, it is going to turn into reality! You just need the address of a permanent makeup treatment clinic. It must be confusing for first-time readers. Let’s elaborate on the concept of permanent makeup in detail. 

What is permanent makeup? 

Makeup that remains constantly on our face for months without requiring any special care is known as permanent makeup. The question is, how it works? Well, you must have heard about permanent tattoos. This technique exactly resembles the tattoo making profession. However, a qualified skin treatment expert will be there to assist you with making permanent makeup tattoos. It all depends on the type of ink they are using to apply as makeup. Unlike normal tattoos, the experts of permanent makeup near you have to use every needle with high precision. When you visit a skin treatment clinic, they will offer multiple options in permanent makeup including:-

  1. Microblading
  2. Lip blushing
  3. Permanent eyeliner

These are the beauty enhancement techniques but permanent makeup is also helpful in treating some serious skin issues. Some dermatologists recommend permanent makeup tattoos to create a scar camouflage. Ink matching your original skin tone is used to fill in the scars. Consequently, people get an even skin tone permanently. 

People suffering from hair loss can also get an illusion of fake hair with permanent makeup. Cosmetologists create tattoos replicating real hair on the scalp. They are more reliable and safer as compared to hair implant therapy. 

How does it work? 

If you are familiar with the tattoo making process, it will be not difficult to understand the process of applying permanent Sunflower Tattoo Ideas. Skin treatment experts organize consultation sessions to understand the requirements of a client. On the basis of some photoshop images, they provide a glimpse of transformation after applying permanent makeup. Skin-friendly permanent pigments with a high precision tattoo machine and according to the expectations of clients are used in this process. They insert artificial pigment in the dermis layer of the skin. It is the second layer right below the epidermis. Artificial pigment deposited in this layer becomes a part of the body and remains permanently. The entire process is a task of just a few hours. 

Whom to approach for permanent tattoos?

This technique is getting viral and now many experts are providing the service. You can approach:-

  1. Cosmetologists
  2. Aestheticians
  3. Dermatologists
  4. Tattooists

For availing the services of permanent makeup. However, don’t forget to consider the risk factors while approaching one of these experts. 

Safety aspects

When it comes to applying something invisible on your face, always be cautious about its consequences. Just like all beauty treatment techniques, permanent makeup also involves some degree of risk. Here is a list of possible risks you need to consider:- 

  • Some people may face the issue of skin reactions in the form of blistering, prolonged swelling, peeling, and cracking. 
  • Tiny lumps known as granulomas may form around the artificial pigment. 
  • New scars formation
  • Infection
  • Disappointing results which are hard to fix again. 


Not only adverse impacts but you also need to understand the limitations of permanent makeup eyeliner, lip blush, or eyebrows. Read the points below to know about its limitations:-

  • Although it is recognized as permanent makeup the color will start fading after  1-2 years. 
  • It is not a hundred percent sure that you will get the results exactly as expected. 
  • The average time span of permanent makeup tattoos is around five years. Within this time period, makeup styles can change and you will have to live with the same getup. 

Ladies who don’t have enough time to get ready with a thick layer of makeup every day can go with this option. Also, permanent makeup saves you from a substantial amount of investment in parlors every month.