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Experts reveal ‘quick and easy’ duvet cleaning hack that’ll help you sleep better


Experts reveal a ‘quick and easy’ duvet cleaning hack that can help you sleep better – and it costs nothing

A duvet cleaning hack popular in Scandinavia, but relatively unknown in the UK, has been praised by experts.

The hack sees smart cleaners simply airing their sheets and bedding outside every week, regardless of the temperature.

It has become known thanks to a stream of viral videos created by Scandinavian content creators showing off their lifestyle tips and tricks.

And now experts are encouraging Britons to try it for themselves because it’s easier than washing your duvet, but it still offers plenty of similar benefits.

According to Rachel Marshall, brand manager of Benson Beds, Scandinavians are “known for taking a healthy approach to sleep and putting their well-being first.”

Sleep experts say airing your sheets and bedding outside can actually help you sleep better — and more people (stock image)

And she notes that this latest trendy Scandi sleep hack is no exception.

“There are multiple health and hygiene benefits to airing your dry duvet outside — even on colder days,” says Rachel.

“If you choose a sunny day to air out your duvet, the sunlight is a fantastic natural deodorizer,” she explained.

‘[it] can help remove unpleasant odors caused by things like sweat and oils released from the body, meaning you can put down those artificial air fresheners or cleaning chemicals to keep your bedding smelling fresh.”

Rachel noted that sun exposure provides your comforter with a host of other benefits.

She said, “The sunlight can also help breathe new life into your comforter in other ways.

“The heat from the sun can even help restore your comforter’s loft, giving it that fluffy, springy feel that gradually fades over time.”

In addition, occasionally leaving your duvet in the fresh air for a few hours can also help to remove moisture.

Although the Scandinavian hack is said to offer some advantages, it has not yet become popular with Brits (stock image)

Although the Scandinavian hack is said to offer some advantages, it has not yet become popular with Brits (stock image)

Rachel said, “The fresh air helps to evaporate the excess moisture trapped in the duvet fibers.”

While Scandinavians do this every week, according to Rachel, spring is the optimal time of year to do it.

‘[This is because] our homes can often see a buildup of humidity during the winter, especially in the bedroom.

Airing your duvet now will prevent the growth of mildew, mold and allergens just in time for summer.”

She added: “We always recommend giving your duvet a deep clean every six months, but this quick and easy tip is the perfect way to keep your bedding fresh in those months in between.

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