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The Gold Coast is without doubt the top holiday destination of Australia and there’s a lot the area has to offer in terms of entertainment and theme parks. However, Warner Bros Movie World Tickets offers something completely different. When you first enter the park, you’ll be provided with an overview of the park as well as the time of the show. There is also a program known as ‘Parent Swap’. It can be beneficial to children as well as parents and guardians who have a child who is scared and who is unable to ride an adventure. The parent swap is where one person is able to enjoy the ride while another is waiting with a child. When the first is finished with the ride the second one is able to wait in front and takes pleasure in the ride, ensuring that delays are reduced.

Movie World boasts plenty of excitement, among them obviously The DC Rivals — the largest, longest, most powerful HyperCoaster found in the southern part of the hemisphere. It also has The Batwing Spaceshot, which shoots you straight up 200 feet at nearly 45mph, with the bungee-like bounces.

If you’re not a fan of thrill rides There are plenty of alternatives to relax, like taking in the Stunt Driver show or riding the Ghost Train.

Wet and Wild Water World

Wet and Wild Water World offers an array of attractions on the premises that are sure to satisfy adrenaline junkies! One of the most well-known activities is Black Hole water slide where you can slide through a tunnel that is completely dark! This water park has everything from shallow pools to giant wave simulators!Australia’s biggest water park is calling! A multitude of thrilling slides that run throughout the park make sure everyone is staying on their feet while screaming to the roof of their voice. There are thrilling rides for adults, and enjoyable splash parks designed for children. If you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle, sit on the sun lounge in The Giant Wave Pool or grab tubes and ride the current as you glide in Calypso Beach. Be sure to bring sun protection! of water slides that are unhinged which twist and turn, and drop, such as one called the Black Hole — an adrenaline-filled ride that throws you through the night in total darkness.

However, before you take on this or just relax in the pool of waves be sure to test the Skycoaster when you’re strapped in for the thrilling ride, you’ll climb 160 feet into the air. take your deep breath, then draw the ripcord, and in the blink of an eye, you’ll be soaring into the air above to the Giant Wave Pool at almost 40 mph!


With water slides, rides, entertainment, and wildlife all in one location, Dreamworld is the perfect location for all the family. If your adrenaline levels are over the top, then you’ll be thrilled to take your littlest grommets off to ABC KIDS World. If you’re a thrill seeker There are many ways to experience adrenaline with rollercoasters galore and, once you’ve finished the race, go to White Water World to cool off and go on the slides in the water. Stop by Tiger Island for an awesome experience with the majestic big cats.If you’re looking to experience a little bit of wildlife and nature, Dreamworld is the perfect location for you! Begin your trip by having a close experience with animals, such as Koalas, crocodiles and tigers and many others. After that, prepare to meet your favorite characters of Shrek, Kung Fu Panda and Madagascar! There are seven thrilling rides to take a ride at Dreamworld and includes the second-highest drop tower in the world! Dreamworld is an array of wonderful rides!

Keep an eye on Shrek and Donkey when you go to see the tiger feeding or cuddling a koala before hitting the Shockwave to experience the sensation of weightlessness.

For those who want to be a thrill seeker For those who want to be a bit more adventurous, the Claw can rotate 360 degrees, and reach the high point of an eight-storey structure The Buzzsaw transforms you upside-down and then sends you flying at 65mph.

Ifly Gold Coast

Indoor Skydiving is the opposite from traditional skydiving. Traditional skydiving involves you take off from a height then gravity pulls you back down then you have to control your fall free and open your parachute to lift , and then do a controlled landing.iFly Indoor skydiving does the reverse. You enter the wind tunnel of a similar setup. Powerful motors controlled by a controller create a strong upward-moving wind. Once you’re inside the tunnel, you must turn forward and then lie on the ground in a parallel position, the powerful wind flow will make sure you’re floating in the air, if you keep a proper position. This means you can float in the air for several minutes. A guide will help you during the process to make sure that your legs and arms are in the correct position to keep you floating. They are also able to partner with your instructor and help you climb to a height, also known as high fives, for an additional fee. IFLY Gold Coast is Australia’s second indoor skydiving facility! In a column of air, anyone who is between 3 years old to 103 is now able to fly with us inside our indoor skydiving simulator. Every indoor skydiving flight is equivalent to the fall free of skydiving in the open air at 14,000 feet! For just 50 seconds, you’ll be flying through the air and feel the thrill of free-falling skydiving really like! But, with no worries about weather, long travel times, delays or the need to leap from the plane! Free viewing gallery – visitors are welcome.

SEA World

Educational entertainment on display at Sea World is a whole different kind of kettle. Children will be thrilled to get close enough to observe Penguins, Polar Bears sharks, seals, and the captivating Sea Jellies Illuminated exhibit. Feel elated when you touch sea slugs, and then check out the stingrays that live in the shallow swimming pools. Take a trip to have fun with the dolphins of the sea and feel your heart racing with the Storm Coaster. It will make you hungry and there are many places for you to grab a bite to eat… we recommend that you go on the thrilling rides within The New Atlantis Precinct first! Take a towel with you because your kids will need to splash in Castaway Bay.

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