Expedia is launching a new tool to check travel restrictions for the coronavirus


As more people get vaccinated against the coronavirus and the spring weather draws people out, we’re all thinking of those travel plans we shelved last summer. But with COVID-19 travel restrictions varying by country and state in the US, it’s hard to figure out what’s safe and what’s the latest rules. Expedia Group – whose online travel agent (OTA) websites include Expedia, Vrbo, Travelocity, Hotels.com, and others – has developed a tool to help travelers plan travel while adhering to the COVID-19 restrictions on their destination.

“Right now, many people are considering booking travel as the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine continues, but at the same time they are inundated with conflicting information about where and how to travel safely,” said Stacey Symonds, senior director of experience at Expedia. insights, said in an email The edgeThe company says 1.6 million travelers participated in a pilot of its COVID-19 travel advisor in November.

To use the Travel Advisor tool, enter your departure and arrival airports and your travel dates, and it will tell you if there are any restrictions, what the quarantine policy is, if you need to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test, and the mask policy at your destination and upon your return.

Travel Advisor shows COVID-19 restrictions for a May 8 trip from Boston to Toronto.

In his last guidance dated April 2, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that American travelers delay their travel until they are fully vaccinated. Once you are vaccinated, the CDC says you can travel safely within the US and you don’t need to go into quarantine before or after your trip. Fully vaccinated travelers do not need to be tested before or after their trip unless required at their destination. The CDC notes that all passengers entering the US, including returning US citizens, must have proof of recovery from the COVID-19 infection or a negative COVID-19 test result.

At the time of writing, Americans are still prohibited from traveling to many destinations, especially in Europe. The New York Times compiled a list of countries that allow US visitors from April 1, and the CDC has a map show where travel can be particularly risky due to the coronavirus.