Exodus after Daniel Andrews’ re-election as Victorians vow leave the state

Victorians disappointed by Daniel Andrews’ victory in a third term vowed to leave the state for good.

Some residents lashed out at the Labor leader after he handily won an election against the Liberal-National Coalition led by Matthew Guy on Saturday.

Labor is on track to win more than 52 of the 88 seats in the lower house, despite a drop in primary voting and double-digit swings against it in north and west Melbourne.

Six seats remain too close to call, with Labor forecast to win or lead in four of them.

The coalition is projected to win at least 25 seats and may limp to or simply exceed its starting figure of 27, largely thanks to the Nationals winning three regional seats.

Now the Victorians are threatening to pack up and move to another state rather than endure another four years of Labor leadership.

Outraged Victorians have vowed to leave the state after Daniel Andrews was re-elected Prime Minister for a third term.

Victorians Have Threatened To Pack Up And Move To Another State Rather Than Endure Another Four Years Under Labor Leadership.

Victorians have threatened to pack up and move to another state rather than endure another four years under Labor leadership.

‘If Dan Andrews wins, I will not leave Victoria because I already left. Enjoy communism,’ one person posted on Twitter.

The post was accompanied by a photo of the horizon outside of a plane.

Another posted: ‘You make me sick! I’m glad I’m leaving Victoria now!!’

‘Who else is seriously considering leaving Victoria if Daniel Andrews remains Prime Minister of Victoria?’ wrote a third.

Political commentator Sydney Watson has criticized the Victorians for re-electing the same prime minister who imposed the toughest restrictions in the country during Covid.

“My home state of Victoria just voted for the man who kept them under the most abusive lockdowns and restrictions for over 260 days,” he posted.

‘They also increased the vote of 2 minor socialist parties. All I can say is that you reap what you sow.

Victorians endured six lockdowns since the virus outbreak in Australia in 2020.

Political Commentator Sydney Watson Criticized Victorians For Re-Electing The Same Prime Minister Who Imposed The Toughest Restrictions In The Country During Covid

Political commentator Sydney Watson criticized Victorians for re-electing the same prime minister who imposed the toughest restrictions in the country during Covid

1669587537 891 Daniel Andrews Re Election Prompts Exodus As Victorians Vow To Leave

Dr Watson Has Expressed Her Opinion On The Outcome Of The State Elections In Victoria.

Dr Watson has expressed her opinion on the outcome of the state elections in Victoria.

Stay-at-home orders, curfews, playground closures and the dreaded steel ring were some of the restrictions imposed by Andrews.

The severity earned the prime minister the nickname ‘Dictator Dan’ and sparked violent protests by some fed-up residents.

Dr Watson added in another post: “Every time I post about how messed up Australia is, I see an influx of irrationally angry Aussies claiming otherwise.”

‘How can you fix the state of your country if you continue to deny that its problems exist?’

Residents have rushed to defend the prime minister by daring dissatisfied voters to keep their promise and leave the state.

“To all those who promised to leave Victoria if Dan Andrews won… I have a free bus leaving Flinders St tomorrow at noon,” one person wrote.

A second added: “Dan Andrews is back if you leave Victoria go straight to Qld don’t go through NSW.”

1669587538 677 Daniel Andrews Re Election Prompts Exodus As Victorians Vow To Leave

1669587538 279 Daniel Andrews Re Election Prompts Exodus As Victorians Vow To Leave

Dan Andrews' Re-Election Has Divided Residents, With Some Defending Him

Dan Andrews’ re-election has divided residents, with some defending him

Andrews has hailed Labour’s convincing victory in the Victorian election as a triumph of hope over hate as he searches for a place in the history books.

The Labor leader was greeted with hugs from his mother and sister, as well as “four more years” chants from the party faithful, after scoring a third straight election victory on Saturday.

Andrews took the stage at the party’s election night party at its Mulgrave headquarters and recalled some advice from former Labor Premier Paul Keating.

“Paul Keating once told me, ‘Son, leadership is not about doing what’s popular, leadership is about doing what’s right,'” he told the jubilant crowd while surrounded by his wife and three children.

“Essentially, he was telling me that leadership is about doing what matters. That is exactly what the people of this great state have stood behind today by roundly re-electing our strong and stable Majority Labor government.”

Mr. Andrews reflected on an incredibly challenging few years for his state, marked by the COVID-19 pandemic.

He praised Victorians for sticking together during the one-in-a-100-year event and getting vaccinated.

“We were not divided, as some would say, but we were united in our faith in science and in our faith and care for each other,” the prime minister said.

‘That sense of kindness, that sense of connection, that sense that we are all in this together has been confirmed today as well. Friends, hope always wins out over hate.’

After thanking his family, staff, and volunteers, Mr. Andrews vowed to govern for all Victorians, regardless of their views or opinions.

That is our job. We take our responsibility seriously because Labor does what matters’, he concluded.

Labor was on track to claim at least 50 seats when counting was suspended overnight.

He is projected to reclaim the Glen Waverley headquarters in eastern Melbourne, partially offsetting losses at Nepean to the Liberals and at Richmond to the Greens.

Although trailing earlier in the evening, Northcote Labor MP Kat Theophanous leads Greens candidate Campbell Gome by 865 votes with more than 70 per cent of votes counted.

Despite losing some skin to the Greens, Labor campaign chairman and former deputy prime minister James Merlino said it was a magnificent victory.

‘There are tight contests in those seats at Footscray and Albert Park and Pascoe Vale. I am hopeful that we will cross the line in those contests,” he told reporters.

“Overall, this is quite an extraordinary victory for the Labor Party, for Dan as Premier of our state serving a third term.”

Merlino said it was a mistake by liberals to turn the election into a referendum on Andrews, one of many in his campaign.

“They made their bed and now the Liberal Party has to sleep in it,” he said.

Deputy Prime Minister Jacinta Allan echoed the sentiment, criticizing the Liberals for misinterpreting the room on the prime minister.

“His prime ratings have been particularly strong throughout this campaign,” he told ABC television.

‘Now, the Liberal Party chose to put it on their how-to-vote cards. That seems to have failed.

Mr Andrews is about to become the fifth state leader in history to serve 3,000 days in office, making him eligible to be immortalized in bronze outside 1 Treasure Place in Melbourne.

If he remains leader until Easter, he will become the longest-serving Labor Prime Minister in Victorian history, taking up the mantle from John Cain Jr.

Meanwhile, Anthony Albanese has hailed Daniel Andrews’ landslide Victorian election victory as extraordinary, lashing out at the campaign of fear he says his state counterpart faced.

The prime minister also dismissed suggestions that the state poll pointed to a bigger shift towards minor parties in a fierce rebuke to claims there had been a ‘Greenslide’.

‘I know some will declare that the major party process will somehow never succeed again. Well I run a majority Labor government, Daniel Andrews has just been elected to a third term with a majority Labor government,” he told reporters on Sunday.

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