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Exclusive: CBN wants NIBSS to control access to Open Banking infrastructure


The Central Bank desires NIBSS to act as an aggregator for bank and fintech APIs, however banking market experts state centralising API gain access to in the settlement system operator is the reverse of Open Banking.

After 2 years of preparation and preparing policies, Nigeria’s reserve bank revealed guidelines to assist Open Banking in Africa’s biggest economy 2 weeks back. Embracing Open Banking in Nigeria “will promote the sharing of customer-permissioned information in between banks and third-party companies to allow the structure of customer-focused services and products,” checks out the reserve bank declaration.

The statement was hailed by banking market and fintech experts in Nigeria and worldwide. The next action to operationalise the guidelines for open banking includes developing a pc registry that will operate as a public repository for information of signed up individuals. The Open Banking Registry will likewise operate as a repository for the APIs that enable banks and non-banks to exchange client information.

Per the Open Banking Guidelines, the Open Banking Registry’s API user interface would work as “the main ways by which API companies handle the registration of their API customers.” Recently, the reserve bank held talks with monetary sector gamers to go over the next actions for developing the Registry and accessing bank APIs. Several sources who were privy to the talks state the Central Bank of Nigeria informed agents of monetary sector organizations that it desired the computer system registry to be developed and preserved by The Nigerian Inter-Bank Settlement System (NIBBS). The peak regulator likewise informed market agents at the conference that it desired NIBSS to manage access to banks’ APIs in what a single person near to the talks referred to as an “aggregator design”.

Market experts who were at the conference state that while they have no qualms with NIBSS structure and keeping the Open Banking pc registry, they oppose the CBN’s transfer to enforce centralised control to Open Banking APIs through NIBBS. “I wish to link to fintech or bank straight. Why do I need to go through NIBSS? It is the reverse of Open Banking,” someone who is close to talks, revealed. “It resembles requiring everybody to view one television station in order to see broadcasts from other tv networks,” the individual included.

Currently, companies like Mono, Okra and OnePipe enable retail bank consumers to safely link their monetary accounts to business apps and services they pick. The CBN’s brand-new relocation might threaten how these companies link to the banks of their clients. Formalising Open Banking guidelines was expected to bring openness, assistance competitors and foster development in the shipment of monetary services. Making Open Banking API customers and companies talk to each other through NIBSS threats turning the industry-led Open Banking effort on its head and is at chances with the CBN’s standards.

Banking and fintech experts argue the settlement corporation– which was co-created by the CBN and the Nigerian Banker’s committee– can not be both regulator of open banking and an individual outdoors banking system.

NIBSS was produced in 2014 to allow same-day cleaning and settlement of inter-bank transfers and payments in Nigeria. NIBSS likewise uses other payment items consisting of mCash, a customer-to-merchant payments item, NQR, a QR-code-based payments platform and e-Bills Pay, for gathering levies, and charges. Centralising Open Banking within NIBBS would make it both a regulator and a rival.

Market specialists yield that the CBN might have other genuine factors for proposing this plan, however they ask that the pinnacle regulator be open to ideas from fintechs and banks. “We’re engaging with the CBN. They have actually constantly provided us a listening ear,” a single person near continuous talks informed TechCabal.

Update: This story was upgraded to more precisely show how the CBN’s proposition impacts Open Banking in Nigeria.

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