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Exclusive: ‘Boneyard’, an independent crime thriller, featuring Mel Gibson and 50 Cent in lead roles.


Mel Gibson and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson top the list Boneyardan indie crime thriller that began shooting in Las Vegas.

Brian Van Holt, who starred opposite Kate McKinnon in limited series Jo to Carolealso stars in the feature film also starring Nora Zehetner (The good stuff).

Colin Bates, who produced the Halle Berry thriller kidnap and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s zombie drama, maggieproduces the hot indie with Vincent McDaniel and Tamas Nadas.

Boneyard tells of an FBI special agent, played by Gibson, who teams up with the Albuquerque Police Department to hunt down a serial killer nicknamed The Bone Collector. However, the police chief and one of his officers have opposing views on the manhunt, believing that someone from their own department may be the killer.

Jackson plays the chief, while Van Holt plays the officer involved in the case through a missing niece.

Asif Akbar wrote the script and directs.

Gibson was last seen with Josh Duhamel in indie crime barber movie Bandit and next appears in John Wick spinoff, The Continentalat Peacock in September.

Rapper turned actor turned entrepreneur Jackson parlayed his acting on the Starz crime series Current in a franchise empire, with several spin-offs and under his belt. Another fast-growing empire is Black Mafia Family, now in production on its third season, and the recently released BMF docuseries. Earlier this year, he announced a non-exclusive multi-project development deal with Fox.

As for the movie, Jackson has appeared in several action thrillers and will next be seen opposite Jason Statham and Sylvester Stallone in Lionsgate’s The consumers 4.

Gibson is represented by APA and Brecheen Feldman and 50 Cent is represented by APA and Savva Entertainment.

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