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Exact number of steps needed to burn off your favourite alcohol revealed

The exact number of steps it takes to burn off your favorite alcoholic drink has been revealed – and that’s bad news for cider fans

  • Researchers from the app Weward ranked nine alcoholic drinks in order of calories
  • A 125 ml whistle of champers contains 90 calories, with only 2,520 steps to walk away

For decades, 10,000 daily steps were considered the holy grail.

But if you’re treating yourself to a cider tonight, you might consider adding an extra 5,670 to your target.

The average pint contains about 240 calories, which take about 51 minutes of walking to burn, according to new research.

Researchers at the Weward mobile app — which rewards your daily steps with various cash, gifts or charitable donations — ranked nine alcoholic beverages in order.

For decades, 10,000 daily steps were considered the holy grail. But if you’re going to treat yourself to a cider tonight, consider adding an extra 5,670 to your target


1 – Cider (pint) – 240 calories – 5,670 steps to walk, about 51 minutes

2 – Wine (250 ml, large glass) – 225 calories – 5,575 steps to walk, about 49 minutes

3 – Guinness (pint) – 210 calories – 5,480 steps to walk away, about 46 minutes

4 – Lager (pint) – 200 calories – 5,385 steps to walk away, about 43 minutes

5 – Vodka & Orange (25 ml vodka & 100 ml orange) – 110 calories – 2,720 steps to walk, about 22 minutes

6 – Gin & Tonic (25ml gin & 75ml tonic) – 100 calories – 2,650 steps to walk, approximately 21 minutes

7 – Jagermeister (30 ml) – 95 calories – 2,595 steps to walk, about 20 minutes

8 – Champagne (125 ml) – 90 calories – 2,520 steps to walk, about 19 minutes

9 – Jack Daniels (50 ml shot) – 60 calories – 1,680 steps to walk away, about 12 minutes

10 – Water – 0 calories

For those looking to maintain their fitness, a shot of Jack Daniel’s or a 125ml whistle of champers is probably the best option.

A 125ml whistle of champers contains just 90 calories, with just 2,520 steps to walk off, in about 19 minutes.

Meanwhile, a shot of JD provides 60 calories. This would take about 1,680 steps to walk away, in about 12 minutes.

Eric Barrowman, 47, from Eastcote, north-west London, said he would love to walk home after a pint or two, but that his local – The Ascott – was across the road from his house.

The electrical engineer said, ‘I like a good walk before going to the pub, but my local is right in front of me, a minute’s walk, if that.

‘I think I’ll have to find another pub a little further away, but every time I go out I always end up in the same seat, the same pub, the same pint of lager in my hand.’

He admitted, “I’m a creature of habit.”

A spokesman for Weward said: ‘If you’re someone who likes to ‘earn’ their pint with a brisk walk to the local pub, how many steps do you have to take to burn down your favorite tipple?

‘Whether it’s a pint of lager or a glass of wine, we’ve calculated the number of steps it takes you to make it to the UK’s favorite pub drinks.

“All you need are your walking boots and a step counting app – we recommend Weward as they also reward you for your steps – and off you go to the pub!”

The NHS recommends that people drink no more than 14 units per week and spread it over three days or more.

Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that Americans drink no more than 14 standard alcoholic beverages per week for men and seven for women.