Ex-Marine removes her prosthetic leg and uses it to chug a beer at Lakers game

That is what I will drink! After taking off her prosthetic leg to enjoy a beer, an ex-Marine has been named Lakers fan of the Game.

  • An American Marine Corps veteran stole the spotlight at Monday’s Lakers game in LA
  • Annika Hutsler used a prosthetic leg to pour a beer for the enjoyment of the crowd
  • She After doctors failed to remove the tumor, she had her leg amputated in 2017.
  • Hutsler was awarded the title of ‘fan’ and a $100 gift card 
  • A second spectator won $75,000 by draining a half-court shot.
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An American Marine Corps veteran stole the spotlight at Monday’s Lakers-Pacers match in Los Angeles. She took off her fake leg to use it for chug real beer.

Annika Hutsler, whose right leg was amputated in 2017 following multiple attempts by doctors to remove a tumour, was named the Lakers fan of the sport’ after her stunt which was viewed on the Arena jumbotron much to the delights of fans.

“The best part about the Lakers game last year was the lady who removed her prosthetic leg, filled her beer container with beer and then proceeded to pour it all across her face all on the Jumbotron while fans were reminded that they could be ejected if they behaved unruly,” tweeted a Lakers fan. That’s entertainment you cannot buy.

One US Marine Corps veteran stole the spotlight at Monday’s Lakers – Pacers game in Los Angeles. She removed her fake leg and used it to drink a beer.

She Also Posted A Picture Of Her Leg Atop The Seat Next To Her, Writing: 'Pro Way To Save A Seat For Your Friends'

Hutsler Isn'T Shy About Her Prosthetic Leg, And Even Has The Instagram Handle 'Annikatheamputee,' Along With A Clever Bio: 'Sorry If I Seem Grumpy, I Couldn'T Start The Day On The Right Foot'

Annika Hutsler had her right leg amputated in 2017 after multiple doctors attempted to remove a tumor. She was named the Lakers’ ‘fan’ of the game after the stunt which was viewed on the Arena Jumbotron to the delight and delight of fans

As She Explained On Instagram, Monday Was The First Time Hutsler Attended An Nba Game And She Came Away With A $100 Gift Card For Her Troubles

In an Instagram post, she said that Monday was Hutsler’s first NBA game. She left with a $100 gift voucher for her troubles

On Instagram, she shared that Monday was Hutsler’s first NBA game. Hutsler left with a $100 gift voucher.

But winning the title of ‘fan of game’ was not easy. To win $75,000, he drained a half court shot.

Hutsler isn’t shy about her prosthetic leg. She even has an Instagram handle, “annikatheamputee” along with a clever Bio: “Sorry if it makes me look grumpy. It wasn’t possible to start the day off on the right foot.”

She Also, she posted a photo of her leg on the seat next to it and wrote: “Pro way to save seats for your friends.”

Hutsler is a competitive wheelchair runner, having won silver medals in both the 100-meter and 200m events at the US Department of Defense Warrior Games. She Also competes in discus and other events. 

She could have been used Monday by the Lakers, who lost a 17 point lead to the visiting Pacers, before losing, 116-115 on a last-second shot by Andrew Nembhard, an Indiana rookie.

Us Marine Corps Veteran Annika Hutsler Throws A Discus During The 2020 Marine Corps Trials Competition At Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California, March 5, 2020. The Marine Corps Trials Promotes Rehabilitation Through Adaptive Sports Participation For Recovering Service Members And Veterans All Over The World

Annika Hutsler (US Marine Corps Veteran) throws a discus in the 2020 Marine Corps Trials competition, Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton California, March 5, 2020. Marine Corps Trials encourages rehabilitation through adaptive sport participation for veterans and service personnel recovering from war. 

Los Angeles Lakers Star Celebrates With A Fan After He Hit An Incredible $75,000 Half-Court Shot

After scoring a $75,000 half-court shot, Los Angeles Lakers star celebrated with a fan

The Big Shot Jackpot Winner Pointed To The Heavens After Securing The Life-Changing Money

After receiving the life-changing funds, Big Shot Jackpot Winner took to the skies.

Hutsler’s moment comes a little more than a year after a Chicago White Sox fan caught a home run ball using her friend’s prosthetic leg.

Tik Tok user Shannon Frandreis, who is an amputee, posted a clip the amazing catch which took place at a 2021 game  against the Detroit Tigers.

Frandreis’ friend is seen holding her prosthetic leg during the ball’s arc towards the stands.

The ball was then caught in the top leg.

Frandreis’ friend waved Frandreis the limb in the air to celebrate his amazing catch. 

Frandreis wrote in the caption, “Five beers in and taking my left leg off to catch it seemed like a great idea,”

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