Ex-convict Alice Marie Johnson credits Kim Kardashian for freedom… despite ex Kanye West’s remarks

Alice Marie Johnson, who served 21 years of a life sentence for her role in a nonviolent federal drug case, insists Kim Kardashian is responsible for her freedom.

After the 42-year-old reality star successfully lobbied for Johnson’s release to Donald Trump in 2018, the ex-federal prisoner, 67, debunked Kanye West’s claims that the former president, 76, actually holds him responsible for her full pardon. 

In response to West’s recent remarks, Johnson called the mother-of-four ‘her angel’ for leveraging her relationship with Ivanka Trump ‘to strategically make a case for’ her freedom,’ according to TMZ

Her angel: Alice Marie Johnson, who was serving a life sentence for her role in a nonviolent federal drug case, insists Kim Kardashian is responsible for her freedom (pictured in 2018)

While Johnson acknowledged that West privately could have influenced Trump’s decision to grant her clemency, she says they did not speak while she was behind bars.

Johnson added West was supportive of her pardon, and when they met, he was ‘in tears.’

In February, she revealed exclusively to DailyMailTV that Hollywood studios have tabled biopic offers, which she plans to develop.

Hard Work: After The 42-Year-Old Reality Star Successfully Lobbied For Johnson'S Release To Donald Trump In 2018, The Ex-Federal Prisoner, 67, Debunked Kanye West'S Claims That The Former President, 76, Actually Holds Him Responsible For Her Full Pardon; Seen In 2019

Hard work: After the 42-year-old reality star successfully lobbied for Johnson’s release to Donald Trump in 2018, the ex-federal prisoner, 67, debunked Kanye West’s claims that the former president, 76, actually holds him responsible for her full pardon; seen in 2019

Pardoned: In Response To West'S Recent Remarks, Johnson Called The Mother-Of-Four 'Her Angel' For Leveraging Her Relationship With Ivanka Trump 'To Strategically Make A Case For' Her Freedom,' According To Tmz; Seen In 2019

Pardoned: Johnson responded to West’s comments by calling Johnson “her angel” for using her relationship Ivanka Trump to’strategically make a case’ for her freedom. TMZ; seen in 2019

Queen Latifah (an award-winning actress), Angela Bassett (an actress who has won numerous awards), and Regina King (a justice reform advocate) are her preferred choices to play the role. 

While Hollywood has criticized President Trump many times before and after his White House term ended, she promised to show him sympathy, saying that she is ‘forever thankful’ for his release order from four years ago and his pardon.

Johnson was the star of the show when Kardashian visited Trump’s White House in 2018. She personally pleaded her cause with Trump and convinced him that a life sentence for first-time, nonviolent drug offense was wrong.

Supportive: While Johnson Acknowledged That West Privately Could Have Influenced Trump'S Decision To Grant Her Clemency, She Says They Did Not Speak While She Was Behind Bars (Kim Pictured Telling Alice That She'S Getting Out Of Prison)

Supportive: While Johnson acknowledged that West privately could have influenced Trump’s decision to grant her clemency, she says they did not speak while she was behind bars (Kim pictured telling Alice that she’s getting out of prison)

Johnson Added West Was Supportive Of Her Pardon, And When They Met, He Was 'In Tears' (Seen In March 2022)

Johnson stated that West was supportive and that he met Johnson in tears. (Seen in March 2022).

Johnson, speaking on camera about Hollywood’s plans to make her story into a movie, said that she has already received offers.

“I have seen many actresses that I would like to play me.

“I love Queen Latifah. I think she would be strong, and would have survival instincts.

Angela Bassett is my absolute favorite. She is an actress and dancer who I love. Regina King is another favorite.

The Story Continues: In February, She Revealed Exclusively To Dailymailtv That Hollywood Studios Have Tabled Biopic Offers , Which She Plans To Develop

The story continues: She revealed exclusively to DailyMailTV in February that Hollywood studios have submitted biopic offers. She intends to develop these offers.

Dreams For The Big Screen: Award-Winning Actresses Queen Latifah, Angela Bassett, And Regina King Are The Justice Reform Advocate'S Preferred Choices To Play Her In The Movie

Dreams for the big screen. Regina King, Angela Bassett and Queen Latifah are the preferred choice of the justice reform advocate to portray her in the movie.

“I’m looking for someone who can bring my passion and all aspects of my life to the bigscreen, not only being a prisoner who survived but also to humanize my story.

“And also show the ups or downs. Because I really could have given in, but I didn’t.

“I am a fighter.” “I need someone with that fighting spirit.

Johnson stated that she is eager to get involved in the film, having previously produced plays by fellow prisoners during her time in prison.

Her Plans: While Many In Hollywood Have Attacked President Trump Before And After His White House Term, She Promised To Present Him Sympathetically, Saying She Is 'Forever Grateful' For His Release Order Four Years Ago And Later Full Pardon; Seen In 2022

Her Plans: Although many Hollywood critics have attacked President Trump in the past, she said she would present him sympathetically and that she was ‘forever thankful’ for his release order from four years ago, and then his full pardon. She will be seen in 2022

“I’d like to assist with script writing because it is something I am passionate about.

“I don’t want something that is only a good story.

“I hope my story is one that inspires hope and survival. Not just turning lemons into lemonade. “Life is full of challenges, but it’s how we react to them that makes us who we are.

“I could have chosen a different path and not allowed prison to take root in me. I didn’t accept being conformed to the situation I was in.

According to Said, she wanted the movie grounded and not to become a Hollywood-style biopic.

“I want them all to understand that I am just a regular person that made mistakes. With that first mistake, I was sentenced to life plus 25 years with no parole. They must see that the justice system is broken. You are not alone.

“This is my chance to put criminal justice reform front-and-center.”

A Miracle: Johnson Made Headlines When Kardashian Visited The White House In 2018 And Personally Pleaded Her Case With Trump, Convincing Him That A Life Sentence For A First-Time Nonviolent Drug Offense Was Wrong

It was a miracle: Johnson visited the White House in 2018, where she personally pleaded her case to Trump. He agreed that a life sentence for a nonviolent first-time drug offense was not appropriate.

Johnson was almost 22 years served in federal prison. After Following a campaign by Kardashian, Kardashian released her in 2018. In 2018, she started a campaign to get pardons.

Her Non-profit organization, Taking Action for Good has assisted 46 people in receiving second chances by advocating for over 100 pardon or clemency applications.

Her Story was responsible for the 2018 passage of the First Step Act, which rewards good behavior in prison by reducing sentences and providing job training.

She stated, “It is very important to me to share other people’s stories.” “It’s not about the things that I did. It’s about the people that I represent.

The activist said that her charity work would remain a priority over her Hollywood offers – though she now considers A-lister Kardashian a friend.

‘When Kim Kardashian met me, I didn’t know her. I had no preconceived notions about her. She was a friend who advocated for me. Now, we share a close bond.

Speaking On Camera About Hollywood'S Plans To Turn Her Life Story Into A Film, Johnson Said: 'I Have Already Had Some Offers; Seen In 2020

Johnson spoke on camera about Hollywood’s plans for her life story to be made into a movie. Johnson stated that she had already received offers and would see the film in 2020.

“I have been so busy moving from one state to the next. It is amazing to see the fruits of my labor: bringing people together and restoring families. It’s hard, but rewarding work.

She Kim also indicated that she believes Kim will follow in the footsteps of her father Robert Kardashian and become a criminal defense lawyer.

“I believe Kim was born with this trait, but she didn’t know it until I brought my case. My case changed her and my life. Because she saw the benefits of fighting. She “If I can save a life, I’ll do whatever,” he said.

Kim said, “I told Kim she was born with this genetic DNA. It took me just a few years for her to understand what that meant.”

Criminal Justice Reform Advocate: Johnson Was Convicted In 1996 Of Conspiracy To Possess Cocaine And Attempted Possession Of Cocaine

Advocate for criminal justice reform: Johnson was convicted of conspiracy to possess and attempted possession of cocaine in 1996.

Johnson was convicted in 1996 for conspiracy to possess cocaine, and attempted possession.

She Had become addicted to gambling, and was deeply in debt. When Tennessee gang members asked her to pick up burner phones for them in return for cash, she agreed – a decision she now deeply regrets.

Johnson was wrongly labelled a queenpin by prosecutors when they cracked down on drug trafficking gangs. She was sentenced to a harsh term despite her clean slate.

“I was a normal person, taking care of my family and working. But crises do happen,’ she explained. “Sometimes, in crisis situations, we need to do more.

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