Everything You Need to Know Before Buying a Stunning Diamond Engagement Ring for Her

An engagement ring is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase. That makes it all the more important to be mindful and picky when buying one for the woman in your life. As much as one need to be selective of the design and style, one also need to be able to make a sound judgement, and we all know that sound judgement comes with knowledge. So, the best way to begin your hunt for the best diamond engagement rings for her is to rake up all the information you can find about diamond engagement rings in general, and what’s trending and what’s not. 

Here are some things that will keep you in the know when buying diamond engagement rings at Diamonds-USA online store or any other. 

History of Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond engagement rings may be customary today, but they weren’t always so. The tradition of diamond engagement rings is relatively newer than the tradition of engagement rings. In the 19th century, diamond miners saw a worldwide uptick in the availability of diamonds and that threatened to collapse the future of the diamond industry which basically stood on the rarity and value of these stones. An easy availability would nullify both making it a thing as ordinary as any.   

To prevent that from happening, De Beers, one of the biggest names in the diamond industry took charge. The company got in touch with an ad agency based out of New York to popularize diamonds in New York, the famous fashion headquarters of the United States of America. Now at the time, the sale of diamonds in New York was tepid at best, although people were naturally warming up to the idea of wearing diamonds in their everyday lives. So, the ad agency N.W. Ayer launched its first diamond campaign for De Beers in New York with the slogan which later became the very tagline of the diamond industry “Diamonds are forever”.


Within months, the ad got a phenomenal success and the fashion of diamond engagement rings caught up with the people like an infection. To this day, that fashion set by De Beers and N.W. Ayers is going strong. That, in a few words is the history of diamond engagement rings.  

The Right Hand to Wear Engagement Rings on

Truth be told, there is no right hand, or even right finger to sport your diamond ring. Different cultures call for different traditions. In some cultures, the ring finger on the left hand is the right finger to wear it and in others, it’s the fourth finger on the right hand. While most wearers follow the tradition dictated by their own cultures, others like to personalize it their way. One way of wearing it which is high in fashion is in a neck chain. A style that people adopted when their engagement or wedding rings went a size too small to wear, it is now a fashion. So whichever way you want to style your engagement ring is fine, as long as it suits your lifestyle and compliments your sense of style. But as of today, the greater number of wearers worldwide like to sport it on the ring finger of their left hand. 

Alternative Rings

It is perfectly understandable if one wants to go the other direction from diamonds. So, if not diamonds, what others options does one have in engagement rings? Plenty is the short answer. The long answer is a plethora of colored and colorless, expensive and inexpensive gems. If you

are thinking not diamonds, then there is a bunch of choices in colored precious gems, which start with the timeless blue sapphire. Pink sapphire is not far behind, where popularity is concerned. Both pink and blue sapphires are in the alternative engagement ring genre. Emerald, the charming green stone is another trending number in this section. Available in various shades of green, this stone has the optics required to light up an engagement ring on its own, sans other gems. 

If you are looking in the range of less expensive stones, your top options this year are moonstone and moissanite. While moonstones flash a pale gray color and a dull shine which add mystery to the character of this less-known stone, moissanites are clear and colorless like their expensive cousin, diamond, only far less expensive but with matching optical qualities. A moissanite exhibits many features of a diamond, making it uncannily akin to it, but in reality, is a different stone extracted from asteroids that fell on this planet on celestial events. If following the trend is not your thing, feel free to explore the many other options that pepper the alternative engagement ring genre. 

Most Loved Diamond Shapes

Speaking of shapes, there are a finite number of options to pick from, but if one wishes to stay on trend, then there are ever fewer, but perfectly satisfactory ones. The list starts with the ageless, unmatched round brilliant which is the most dazzling cut in diamond. Then there are also some fancies which are gaining pace as diamond engagement ring embellishments today. The ones going on top right now are cushion, pear, oval and princess. The cushion is loved for its uniquely rounded shape, the pear for its delicate and shapely looks, the oval for its size advantage and vintage character and the princess for its blazing shine and crisp silhouette. 

Best Selling Color and Clarity

The best sellers in diamond engagement rings are those that bear diamonds from a certain color and clarity range. In case of color it is H which is decently colorless, but not quite and VS2 to SI1 which produce eye-clear stones. 

Diamond Engagement Ring settings at Diamonds-usa.com That Are Trending 

Diamond engagement rings thrive on settings, and right now there are four that are gaining traction everywhere. The classic solitaire is of course at the top. In this category, the Tiffany solitaire diamond engagement rings take the cake. The halo comes next, loved for its delicate quality and vintage character. Next is the vintage-inspired setting ornate with light and heavy nature motifs. Last but not the least is the accented setting which features more of diamonds as side stones.

Diamond Ring
A slender solitaire engagement ring In Rose Gold