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Everything You Need to Know About What Is Chromecast on Google TV

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When the first generation of Google Chromecast was launched back in 2013, it pretty much sparked a hot topic among people due to the innovative features it offered. Over the years with each generation, Chromecast has started offering new features. If you’re wondering what Chromecast is and what it does, sit tight and read on — this article will give you everything you need to know about it. 

Chromecast, combined with the new Google TV platform, offers a number of benefits and perks to you. Let’s get started with one question: What is Chromecast?

What is Google Chromecast? 

Google Chromecast is a piece of hardware, essentially a streaming device, that you have to connect to your TV through the HDMI port. To connect it, your TV must have an HDMI port and natively support Google Chromecast. When these requirements are met, you can wirelessly stream any video or audio from your smartphone or tablet to the connected TV. 

Besides streaming your phone’s content to your TV for a bigger view and better experience, Chromecast also offers a host of other features. Here’s the complete feature list of Chromecast coupled with Google TV. 

  1. Stream YouTube, Netflix, and other platforms’ content to your TV

First and foremost, you can use your Chromecast to stream your streaming services’ content to your TV. Using this feature, you can not only watch your content on the TV, but you can also listen to the audio from your TV’s bigger speakers. This feature offers the optimum experience when it comes to streaming movies, shows, and other kinds of videos from different platforms.

Furthermore, with the launch of Google TV, you can now get a common hub for all of your favorite shows right on your TV. Chromecasts that support Google TV can now recommend shows and movies from all of your streaming platforms in a single place. Google TV makes it easier for you to find things to watch and start streaming them with ease. 

  1. Take your video meetings to the big screen

If you’re tired of looking at your device’s small screen for video meetings, Chromecast might be a breeze of fresh air for you. With Chromecast, you can easily transfer your Google Meet calls from your smartphone to the TV. When you do that, your calls will now use your TV’s camera and microphone. Furthermore, the audio will come out of your TV’s big speakers. 

Google Duo
  1. Present your presentations on the bigger screen

Thanks to Chromecast, you can transfer your Google Slides presentations to your TV’s screen and present them there. This feature comes in handy in schools, universities, and office settings, where you often need to present a slide in front of others. With Chromecast, you don’t need to carry your laptop to the venue: you can just plug the Chromecast in and start presenting your presentation right from your smartphone. 

  1. Mirror smartphone’s screen

Another handy feature of Chromecast is screen mirroring. That means you can mirror the contents of your smartphone’s screen right onto your TV. Mirroring includes everything going on your smartphone screen live. It’s just like a screen recording but in real-time. This feature comes in handy when you would like to show the contents of your smartphone screen to multiple people in a room. Furthermore, it’s also useful to browse your social media or surf the web on the bigger screen. 

  1. Bring Apple TV to the table 

Apple and Google usually don’t go that well together. But if you have a Chromecast with Google TV and want to access the content available on Apple TV+, you can! As mentioned earlier, Google TV lets you bring together your watchable content and recommendations from all streaming services and present them on your Google TV platform. And this feature also incorporates Apple TV+. 

  1. Listen to music on the big speakers 

If you’re listening to music on your smartphone but the speakers aren’t loud enough, you can cast it to your TV’s speaker system using Chromecast. Using this feature is extremely easy. After connecting your Chromecast with the TV, all you have to do is open the music app you’re listening from, press the “Cast” icon, and choose your TV from the list of available options. 

Getting the best experience from TCL X925

In order to use Chromecast to its full potential and get the best experience possible, you need a 4K TV that checks all the right boxes. The TV must support Google Chromecast and should also have a good screen and speaker system so you can enjoy your content. And that’s where TCL’s X925 steps in. 

TCL X925 is an 8K resolution TV that supports Google Chromecast and Google TV. When you pair it with a newer generation of Chromecast that supports Google TV, you can essentially see all your content recommendations on your TV and watch whatever you want on it. X925 also has many other features that set it apart. For instance, it has an 8K screen, the highest-resolution commercial display you can find on the market. That means the content you watch will come out as clear as it gets. Furthermore, there’s a built-in subwoofer system for the optimum sound experience. 

X925 also supports an up-to-120HZ refresh rate so that you can watch supported content in the smoothest way possible. Furthermore, when you mirror your screen or cast a game on your TV, it will be displayed at the highest frame rates possible. All in all, X925 is a must-have if you want to get the best experience out of your Chromecast. 

The fact that TCL is one of the biggest manufacturers in the TV industry also helps a lot. Everything you buy from this brand is destined to stand the test of time and provide you with the best experience possible. Check out more information about Google TV from TCL’s website!

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