Everything You Need To Know About The Personal Injury Claims Process

A personal injury is simply something that has hurt you and was either an accident or negligence. The difference between these two things is crucial as accidents are generally unavoidable and not really anyone’s fault, while negligence means that someone hasn’t done what they should have and caused your accident, it was essentially avoidable. 

There are over half a million hospitalizations every year in Australia thanks to personal injuries. It’s also a leading cause of death in older people. 

If you’ve suffered a personal injury then it’s a good idea to speak to a reputable lawyer, such as this firm of lawyers in Lismore. They will help you to establish if you have a claim and how to complete the personal injury claim process. It can seem daunting but it isn’t.

Decide Blame

In a genuine accident, it is very difficult to say any one person was at fault. It is simply a result of a series of events. However, in many cases, there is an obvious cause of the accident. This can be a car driver who has hit another vehicle, a local authority that left a trip hazard unprotected, or even your employer if adequate safety procedures wither weren’t in place or being observed. 

You need to go back over the events leading up to the personal injury and you’ll be able to identify what caused the accident and who is to blame for it.

You should note that an injury at work doesn’t mean you’re employer is at fault, it can be due to a faulty machine and the manufacturer is at fault. 

Collect the Details

In order to make a personal injury claim you’ll need all the details and evidence that prove someone was at fault. It’s advisable to take photos of the injury scene if you’re able to. You can also log the events and ask anyone else in the vicinity to write down what they saw. 

It’s essential to record what you saw before and after the accident as well as what you did. For example, did you visit the hospital or have any time off to recover

The more information and evidence you have the easier it is to process the claim. 

Get A Medical Evaluation 

A large part of any personal injury compensation is to cover the cost of medical bills. This is for immediate care and any long-term aid you’ll need as a result of the accident. You may not appreciate fully what you’ll need. But, if you have a full medical evaluation done this will tell the lawyers and the medical professionals what you’re likely to need. 

These can be re-evaluated and updated while the claim is being processed. 

Reach A Settlement

Your lawyer will deal with the other party and explain why it was their fault and the costs you will incur due to the accident. They will negotiate for an appropriate settlement although you’ll have to agree it before the amount can be paid. 

If you can’t agree then the case will go before a judge who will decide the settlement amount. Don’t forget your lawyer will take a fee from the amount you get.