Everything You Need to Know About Chatterbait

If you have been paying attention to the bass fishing scene for the last few years, then you will probably have noticed that people regularly use a lure known as a Chatterbait. So, what is it? How does it work? We are going to try and answer your most burning questions on this page!

What is this lure about?

A Chatterbait is going to look pretty similar to your standard spinner lure, albeit with a few smaller changes.

The big difference is that this type of lure tends to be far heavier duty. This will make it far easier for you to catch bass with it.

The lure will have a small piece of hinged metal attached to it. The idea is that this hinged metal causes vibrations in the water, which can help to attract bass. The bass feels like an injured fish swimming about, so they go in for the kill. The downside for that bass? They are going to be ending up on the end of your hook.

The reason why this lure is used so extensively in the bass fishing scene is the fact that it just works. It isn’t a complicated lure by any stretch of the imagination, but it can help you reel that bass in like there is no tomorrow!

How do you use the Chatterbait?

How you use the Chatterbait will be dependent on where the fish are biting.

If the bass is a bit closer to the surface, your motions will be different when the bass is deep below the surface. This means that you will need to pay attention to the water temperatures, time of day, and overall environment.

If the fish are deep in the water, then move the lure slowly through the water. This will send those vibrations deep into the water. This, of course, will give the bass time to come up and snatch the lure.

If the fish are biting a bit closer to the surface, you will move it far faster through the water.

There are other ways to cause those bass catching vibrations too. You aim to try and replicate an injured fish. For example, you could pull the lure through grass and rocks. You could also stop the lure every so often and then move it again. Just do something that will catch the attention of the fish.

Where are the best places to use the Chatterbait?

You can use the Chatterbait anywhere that the bass is swimming. However, most people find success using it in areas where the baitfish tend to be.

For example, if you are fishing grass, then the Chatterbait is going to be incredibly useful. It will cause vibrations in the grass, which will make it almost seem as if there are fish swimming around there.

If you are fishing for bass in the sea, you may want to try around the rockier areas. Bass tend to spend a lot of time here, after all. If you tend to be fishing a bit closer to the shore, fishing around docks works well.

Should you buy a Chatterbait or make your own?

Ideally, you would always buy a Chatterbait. You would need some decent accessories to make your Chatterbait from scratch, and, honestly, it would probably take you far more time than it is worth. It is best to get out there and fish, right? A decent lure shouldn’t be all that expensive anyway.