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Everything You Need to Know About Australian Opal Jewellery


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Are you interested in buying Australian Opal jewellery from any opal shop in Australia? Have you always been fascinated with the amazing gemstones, which come in various shapes and sizes, and their exquisite colour variations from milky whites to delicate internal colours of green and hue of blue?

What is your answer to all of this? Suppose Yes, you’re looking forward to buying your first piece of opal jewellery. In that case, you definitely need to go through this write up about opal jewellery and before buying opal jewellery online in Australia.

What is Opal Jewelry? 

Bhopal is a rare gemstone that all looks like crystal but does not have the same structure as them. In fact, they are formed using a mixture of water and silicon dioxide. The water flows through the ground picking up the silica from the sandstone, and washing it into different cracks and crevices of rocks, therefore forming opal.

Moisture from these cracks solely vibrates, leaving behind a deposit of silica that slowly begins to evolve into opal. Opal can also form over fossils locked tightly together with the rocks, which then forms in vividly colourful gemstones. 

What is the Value of Opals? 

Typically, when you buy opal jewellery online in Australia, you may wonder about the highs and lows in its pricing and wonder why there’s a vast difference in the pricing of items. This usually depends on a variety of factors. Opals are valued based on their size, body tone, colour, quality and brilliance of their shine. 

Generally speaking, black opals are most valuable, and boulder opals come second and are widely admired for their milky and pale stone forms. The distinction based on how the gemstone is cut and polished also is a determining factor in the valuation process of opal stones. 

Opals are assigned their value based on the ‘per carat’ price on examination, and the payment you make will differ based on the carat size. Another facet that is equally important while considering the pricing of a gemstone is its body tone. Body tone is the gemstone’s colour profile, and they come in a range of different colours – anything from dark to light. 

Doublets & Triplets

Other popular kinds of opal known to mankind and commonly seen in opal jewellery in Australia on online platforms are doublets and triplets. They aren’t made of a natural gemstone entirely; however, they do have a black backing glued onto them to resemble the look of black opal. These backings are made using plastic, potch, brown colour ironstone, or black industrial glass. In a doublet gemstone Australian opal jewellery, there is a single slice of opal that is glued to a dark backing which is designed to bring out the radiance and vibrance of the original gemstone’s colour. However, a triplet gemstone has the same, along with a layer of quartz that forms a dome over the gemstone. Both doublets and triplets are sought after plenty. 

These are all the basics that you need to know before heading to an opal shop in Australia to browse their exquisite collection of Australian opal jewellery. 

Happy Shopping!

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