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Everything to Know about the Best Scooty Brands for women

Women and men have varied preferences when it comes to a variety of things, including two-wheelers. Men typically value performance and style, whereas women value practicality, safety, and comfort. And, given their maternal inclinations, it’s not surprising that women prioritize safety, dependability, and convenience when choosing Best Scooty in India for women. Manufacturers of two-wheelers and scooters are increasingly introducing vehicles that are specifically designed for women.

But when it comes to travelling, nobody can overcome the ease and convenience one gets when they drive scooty. Be it a narrow road, or a half-made road, it is super easy to travel via scooty from one place to the other. Most importantly, it is also a far cheaper option.

Here are the best brands for scooty in India for women:

Honda Activa- 

The Honda Activa is, without a doubt, a household name. Many of us are happy Activa Scooty owners and would suggest it to others. With its 109.22 cc engine and 5.3-liter fuel capacity, the Honda Activa 5G has become a popular vehicle. It has a range of 60 kilometres per litre and is available in two variations. You can also choose from eight different colours.

Suzuki Access 

Suzuki has sold 40,000 vehicles this year alone, according to records. The fact that this Scooty has a 125 CC engine sets it apart from other Scootys on the market, which have engines close to 100 CC. This Scooty is inexpensive and equipped with high-end features. This Scooty gets 64 kilometres per litre of fuel.

TVS Ntorq 125

The CVT transmission of the TVS Ntorq 125 is automated. In 2018, it was named India’s Commuter Two-Wheeler at the Tech and Auto Awards. It’s elegant and sophisticated. It has a 124.5 CC engine with a fuel capacity of 5.8 litres. With a mileage of 47 kilometres per litre, this Scooty is affordable to people with a middle income.

Jupiter (TVS)

Another TVS, Scooty, is among the top five. A single-cylinder, air-cooled engine powers the TVS Jupiter. The engine has a displacement of 109.7 cubic centimetres and a mileage of 56 kilometres per litre. This Scooty is very popular among college students. There are a total of 13 color options to pick from. It provides an excellent balance of power and performance.

Hero Pleasure Plus

Hero Pleasure+ has proven to be the most popular entry-level Scooty on the market. It has a 110cc engine that produces eight horsepower. It featured a good amount of storage space and was billed as a Scooty for women. This Scooty’s fuel tank capacity is 4.8 litres, with a range of 63 kilometres per litre.

To sum it up

Getting the Best Mileage Bikes in India allows you to move from one location to another quickly. Before you decide, make sure you’ve done thorough research on the many Scootys available, their features, and all other specs.

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