Everton News: Marco Silva lifts Richarlison's strong price tag cap

Marco Silva

The Toffees coughed up a £ 40 million mammoth to secure the Watford Brazilian this summer.

Silva's decision to invest such a substantial sum in the talented striker raised some eyebrows.

The Portuguese, however, defended his decision after Richarlison scored two goals against the Wolves yesterday.

He said: "For me, the figure is not important and it is not important to talk about it every time.

"Everton boss Marco Silva has called Richarlison"

"If a club pays that money it's because that's their market value, and it's not just that our club pays this money for a player.

"Of course, it's a fantastic start for him, he's a guy that I took last season from Brazil and we did everything we could to bring him to this club as well.

"It's a fantastic start, with a fantastic job and fantastic behavior, and with his talent, at times he can score."

Speaking after the crash, Everton's veteran back, Leighton Baines, was also full of praise.


The head of Everton, Marco Silva, has praised Richarlison

"It's been great since he came in," said Baines. "He's a really, really good player.

"He has a great pace of work, a great attitude: everything you want from a footballer.

"His ability is unquestionable and I am very excited to play with him and watch him play."

Richarlison's form was reduced last year after Silva's dismissal at Watford.


Everton ace Richarlison impressed against the wolves

He bagged just five goals in the Premier League.

But Baines believes that there is more to come from 21 years of age.

"It's an incredible signing for the football club and I'm happy to have it," said the veteran left-back.

"He does everything, there's nothing he does not do.

Leighton BainesGETTY

Everton as Leighton Baines has hailed Richarlison

"He has strength, he has rhythm, he has ability.

"You can find a pass and you can score a goal."

"Honestly, I could not congratulate him enough, he's brilliant.

"The manager said he wanted competition in all positions and we have it here.

"You can see that on a daily basis and what that brings to the intensity of the training.

"It will serve us well throughout the season."