Everton hero Duncan Ferguson gives funny ‘blood-curdling’ tirade against young Toffees fan


‘You better stick your finger out and make sure you get the damn results’: Everton hero Duncan Ferguson puts out funny ‘blood-curdling’ tirades against young Toffees fan for ‘slacking’ at school …

  • It’s not just Everton players that Duncan Ferguson is currently trying to inspire
  • Ferguson warned a young Everton supporter who was “slacking off” at school
  • In the funny video message, the Everton hero can be heard swearing regularly

Duncan Ferguson has kept up his hard-hitting performance in a hilarious, expletive tirade against a young Everton fan who ‘limped’ at school.

The Everton hero, currently Carlo Ancelotti’s assistant at Goodison Park, was asked by a school teacher to give a young Toffees fan a pep talk and Ferguson did this in brilliant style.

The young fan’s brother posted the hilarious message on Twitter, alongside the caption: ‘Little brother got a message from Big Dunc kicking him in the butt for being addicted in school. Our footy club is boss UTFT. ‘

Ferguson told him to

Duncan Ferguson released a hilarious rant against a young Everton supporter

The 49-year-old, who delivered the inspirational message on the pitch at Goodison Park, begins to say: ‘Hi young Tom, okay son, it’s Duncan Ferguson here from Everton Football Club. I just wanted to wish you all the best, buddy. ‘

But then Ferguson starts jokingly criticizing the Everton fan, adding, “Your teacher, old Tom, told me you’ve been a little addicted to your photography, is that right?

“We can’t get that, mate. You better stick your finger out and make sure you get the f ***** results. ‘

As if this wasn’t enough to motivate the young fan, the Everton hero gave him the extra motivation to come and visit him as his schoolwork improved.

Fans immediately took to social media afterward to comment on Ferguson's brilliant rant

Fans immediately took to social media afterward to comment on Ferguson’s brilliant rant

“And if you get the results right and you stick with it, I’ll come to you,” Ferguson added.

‘I’ll take you for lunch or I’ll come to your house or something. We’ll sit down and have a chat … So make sure you stay inside. Come on, don’t ruin the job.

Anyway, look: there’s Goodison for you. What do you think of that? Hopefully you’ll be back soon, boy. Okay buddy – stay with son. God bless Big Dunc, beware. ‘

Fans flocked to social media afterward as they thoroughly enjoyed the funny video.

One fan replied to the brother’s social media post, “Let’s hope his little brother isn’t seven years old or something.”

To which the brother replied: ‘Hahaha no he is in sixth grade, just turned 18 so the language is not too bad’, next to a smiling emoji.

One fan said on Twitter: It’s very kind of him to offer to take the boy for lunch and visit him at his place … just a shame it’s a real, blood-curdling threat. ‘

And another with a funny question: “How many parents are going to ask for videos now?”

Everton fan favorite, 'Big Dunc' gained a reputation as a hardman on the field

Everton fan favorite, ‘Big Dunc’ gained a reputation as a hardman on the field