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Even more rain? Yes. This is how it is prepared


Somewhat unbelievably, Southern California is expected to get even more rain this week.

After light showers over the weekend, Angelenos can expect another storm on Tuesday and Wednesday. For those keeping score at home, this will be our twelfth storm of the season.

Again, there is the risk of power outages, flooding, and dangerous road conditions. Some earlier storms accumulated warm moisture closer to the equator; David Sweet, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, said this storm is coming from the cold Northwest. That means more strong winds and cooler temperatures across Southern California and more snow at higher elevations. Unlike some of the previous storms, which had the worst weather in Northern California, this one is expected to have the biggest impact on the southern regions of the state.

Expect up to 3 inches of rain in coastal and valley areas, 3 to 4 inches of rain in lower mountainous and foothill areas, and up to 4 feet of snow at elevations above 6,000 feet.

Throughout the state, thousands of residents are preparing to evacuate or have already done so due to flooding and other risks. Officials ask the public to remain vigilant and be ready to evacuate if necessary.

If you haven’t already, this is your chance to sign up for emergency alerts, prepare (or restock) your emergency kit, check the batteries in your flashlights, and make a plan to stay warm and dry this week.

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