European expat shares why living in Australia is ‘so chill’ and laidback

Expat claims that working in Australia is enjoyable despite having two jobs.

  • A foreign expat living in Australia was stunned by the ‘chillness’ of her two jobs. 
  • Saar, a Belgian national, works in Port Macquarie, New South Wales. 
  • Saar says she can be there ‘whenever’, and her work doesn’t mind. 
  • According to the TikTok Saar, she says that she loves living Down Under as it is’stress-free. 

A European expat living in Australia has praised the ‘stress-free’ lifestyle and work culture.

Saar, from Belgium, is currently working two jobs in Port Macquarie and claims she can show up to one ‘whenever’ suits her.

A TikTok traveller stated that he loves Australia and made the following comment: I get it now, I get why people go here to do the work and travel thing, because working here is so f***ing chill.’ 

Saar admitted that she wasn’t sure if this laid back attitude at work is common across the country. But she described both jobs with the same ‘chill’.

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Saar, From Belgium, (Pictured) Is Currently Working Two Jobs In Port Macquarie And Claims She Can Show Up To One 'Whenever' Suits Her

A foreign expat living in Australia was surprised at how ‘chill’ her two jobs were. Saar, a Belgian expat, currently works in Port Macquarie at two jobs and claims that she can do one ‘whenever suits her’.

'I Love Australia Sooo Much. I Get It Now, I Get Why People Go Here To Do The Work And Travel Thing, Because Working Here Is So F***Ing Chill,' Saar Said In A Tiktok Video

“I love Australia sooooooo much. I get it now, I get why people go here to do the work and travel thing, because working here is so f***ing chill,’ Saar said in a TikTok video 

She said that she couldn’t attend the meeting because of her second job. 

“And they’re just as ‘Yeah, come in whenever you’re ready with your first work then you can come in, it’s okay.” 

She He then compared the relaxed attitude of Down Under with the Belgian work culture. 

Saar stated that in Belgium, if you are not on time for your job you will lose your job. 

“So thank Australia for showing that life can be joyful and not stressful. I love it here.

'In Belgium If You Can'T Be On Time For Your Job, You Will No Longer Have A Job. So Thank You Australia For Showing Me That Life Can Be Fun And Not Stressful. I Really Love It Here,' Saar Said

Belgian law states that if you don’t show up on time to work, you won’t get a job. Australia has shown me that life doesn’t have to be stressful and it can be enjoyable. It’s a great place to live,’ Saar stated.

The video was viewed over 80,000 times within 48 hours. Some Australians also shared their opinions on the subject. 

‘Definitely not Australia thing it’s just the type of job in the location,’ one person wrote. 

Another one said: “That’s definitely a regional thing lol good stuff.” 

A third added, “I am Australian and I am grateful to be living here,”

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