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European Commission: We seek to find common European measures to limit the possible spread of Corona


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The European Commission has called for a meeting on Thursday, December 29, 2022 to discuss the adoption of “possible measures for a coordinated approach” among the EU member states in the face of the huge rise in the number of Covid-19 infections in China.

“In view of the epidemic situation in China,” a spokeswoman for the European Commission said, the executive branch will convene a meeting of a committee that includes representatives of the health ministries of the 27 EU member states on Thursday morning.

The source added that the aim of the meeting is to hold a “discussion with EU member states and European (health) agencies of possible measures for a coordinated European approach.”

After suddenly ending the “zero Covid” policy in China during the current month, a huge increase in the number of Corona infections was recorded in China, which raises the concern of a number of countries about the possibility of the spread of new variants of the virus from the Asian country.

On Wednesday, Italy decided to impose compulsory tests on all travelers coming from China. It is a measure imposed by Japan and adopted by the United States on Wednesday. Other countries in the union are still waiting.

French President Emmanuel Macron asked the government to “take appropriate measures to protect” his French citizens. For its part, the government confirms that it is “following the development of the situation in China very carefully.”

Paris says it is “ready to study all useful measures that can be implemented as a result, in cooperation with France’s European partners and within the legal framework that exists today”.

It is assumed that the European Commission seeks to prevent some member states of the European Union from moving on its own by imposing restrictions on its borders without consultation, as happened at the beginning of the pandemic in the spring of 2020.

At the beginning of December, on the recommendation of the Commission, the 27 countries agreed to lift all restrictions on entry into the European Union for travelers from third countries and return to the pre-pandemic situation.

However, it maintained the possibility of re-application of restrictive measures in a “coordinated manner” if the epidemiological situation required it.

A spokeswoman for the Commission said, “The variant + Omicron PF7 + that is dominant in China is in Europe and has not recorded a significant increase,” stressing at the same time, “We remain vigilant and ready to use the ’emergency brakes’ if necessary.”

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