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Europe is considering punishing countries that help Russia to circumvent sanctions


The European Union is considering imposing trade restrictions against Central Asian countries that help Russia bypass Western sanctions, the British newspaper “Daily Telegraph” reported today, Saturday, quoting an internal EU document obtained by it.

The document stated: “We must send a clear message to individuals and legal entities in third countries. Providing material support to the Russian armed forces and the military-industrial complex will have serious consequences that will affect their access to the EU market.”

According to the newspaper, restrictions on access to the EU single market can be imposed against any country, company or individual if there is evidence of their participation in the re-export of equipment and goods subject to the sanctions regime to Russia.

At the same time, the EU first plans to warn the leaders of Central Asian countries through diplomatic channels about the possible consequences of violating the sanctions regime.

The newspaper pointed out that the volume of trade between Russia and its neighbors from Central Asian countries has increased by between 60% and 80% over the past year, which indicates the activation of parallel imports, which helps Russia to circumvent the sanctions.

The newspaper also confirmed that many of the goods supplied to Russia contain dual-use ingredients. The newspaper said that, for example, Russia could use chips from washing machines and refrigerators to manufacture, repair and upgrade its military equipment and drones.

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