Essentials of an Efficient and Secure WordPress Website

Secure Wordpress Website

An effective business website is one with an intuitive website design that is easy to navigate and offers great content to the users. Such a website ensures that your business has a good visitor-conversion ratio.

But, is having a creative web solution enough? With the increased awareness about terms like data privacy, website security, and data protection, users have become increasingly sensitive about website security and demand more. To build trust amongst your customers, it is essential to build your business website with the latest web development technologies and offer maximum security.

Let’s get started and help you build a business website that allows you to compete effectively in the marketplace.

1. Choose and purchase a secure and scalable hosting agency with good tech support

After finalizing your domain name that is best suited for your business, you should determine your hosting needs. While choosing a creative web agency to host your website, make sure to get all the information about their server locations and reliability. The hosting agency should be fast and ready to protect your website and its data against all the security dangers such as malware, trojans, spyware, adware, and security vulnerabilities. You can either opt for shared web hosting or dedicated web hosting depending on your budget and business needs.

While choosing your best fit amongst the web development agencies to offer you robust hosting services, always make sure to evaluate these features:

  1. Security
  2. Storage
  3. Site Speed
  4. Pricing

2. Implement the Best Content Management System (CMS)

A good CMS makes it feasible for business owners to maintain attractive digital content on the website. You can choose from the various CMS available in the market as per your unique needs such as user-friendliness, extensibility, and budget. Before hiring a web development agency to cater to your needs, you must construe all the CMS web development requirements for your business.

Some of the popular CMS are:

1. WordPress

WordPress is the most popular open-source CMS and offers many useful plugins to increase the functionality of your website. The CMS is very flexible and extensive, and you can easily find a WordPress web development service provider to custom build your website.

2. Joomla

Another popular CMS  with improved SEO, security, and multilingual competencies as compared with WordPress. However, with few add-on plugins, WordPress beats Joomla’s potential.

3. Drupal

Drupal web development offers similar capabilities as WordPress in terms of flexibility, ease of use, and a large support community.  It is also more secure from malicious activities than WordPress web development. However, Drupal web development is less extensible as it doesn’t offer any plugins or theme options.

Before jumping on and picking up a CMS for your website, make sure that the CMS offers ease of use, multiple website design templates, extensions and add-ons, data portability, and support options.

3. Get your Website Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certified

SSL certificate makes a website reliable from a security perspective. You can buy the SSL certificate for your website from a third-party service provider or you can also ask for help from your website design and development service provider. A website with a properly deployed SSL certificate is favored by Google from ranking perspectives. That green lock icon and secure text beside your domain name ensure your users about the security of the sensitive information shared by them on your website.

4. Invest in Security Plugins

Though the CMS has some security measures put in place by default, implementing quality security plugins automates the security of your WordPress website without affecting its performance. These plugins not just identify any malicious activity on your website, but also blocks it and notifies you of the issues that require your attention.

Some of the popular WordPress Security Plugins are JetPack Security, WordFence Security, and Sucuri Security, SecuPress, WebARX, and iTheme Security.

5. Use your web firewall to keep your website secure

A firewall is highly reliable in preventing unwarranted data breaches and keeping your website secure. It assures the complete safety of your sites from the threats of viruses and hacking attempts by continuously monitoring and filtering the traffic between your website and the internet.

While enabling the firewall for your site you will come to know that there are two main types of firewall: DNS level and Application level. For a higher security level, it is recommended to opt for DNS level protection.

6. Keep your website updated

It is very important to keep your WordPress website updated with the latest web development technologies to patch the security loopholes in the system. With every new release of WordPress comes various bug fixes addressing the loose points of the software, thereby making it safer.

Similarly, it is also essential to update all the themes and plugins in your WordPress website, remove all the unused ones and do some SEO with the help of Seo Paslaugos.

7. Monitor your website from time to time and activate security scans

The delayed load time of a website is one of the major reasons behind the drop in user conversion rate. To avoid losing business prospects it is essential to keep monitoring your website performance at regular intervals.

To assure the maximum security of your WordPress website, enable security scans. You can also use plugin tools that can help you look for any suspicious activity on the website and act as an anti-virus defense to avoid any mishaps.

In a nutshell, having reliable website security and monitoring services enhances your website performance and avoids any damage to the website caused by the exploitation of the vulnerability.

It is also advisable to restrict login attempts to avoid any hacking attempts. Simultaneously, one should also keep changing their password periodically.

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