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Essential California Week in Review: Strongest tornado in L.A. County in 40 years


Good morning and welcome to the Essential California newsletter. Is Saturday, March 25.

Here’s a look at the biggest news from the past week.

He strongest tornado in the Angels The county in 40 years hit 110 mile per hour winds. The National Weather Service said the EF1 tornado in Montebello was the strongest in the county since a tornado struck south central Los Angeles in 1983.


LAUSD schools open Friday as he the strike ends and labor negotiations continue with mayor karen Lowmediation. Bass’ involvement is an important step, but it won’t necessarily lead to a quick fix of the issues between the school system and SEIU Local 99.

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California wants Medicaid to cover six months of rent. Governor Gavin Newsom is making a big push to get Medicaid health plans to provide more housing support. He argues that it is cheaper to pay the rent than to allow the homeless to go into crisis.

Scientists discover startling concentrations of pure DDT along the seafloor off the coast of Los Angeles. In a sobering update, the researchers shared their latest findings about the legacy of DDT dumping in the ocean off the coast of Los Angeles, which turned out to be even more widespread than expected.

the week in photos

Members of the Service Employees International Union Local 99 picketed at the Los Angeles State Historic Park on Thursday.

(Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times)

See the photos behind this week’s biggest stories: A small tornado wreaked havoc in Montebello; Trump Wasn’t Arrested But Wants Protests If They Come For Him; and LAPD gets on a “watch list.”

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A potentially deadly fungus is spreading rapidly across California, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says. The drug-resistant fungus is spreading across the United States, with California recording the second-highest number of cases of any state in the past year, according to the CDC.

Unions and environmentalists push for California referendum reform. California’s influential labor unions, government watchdogs and environmental advocates repeatedly accuse corporations of lying to voters in campaigns to overturn state laws and thwart the progressive Democratic agenda at the state Capitol. Now they plan to do something about it.

When it comes to earthquakes, Republicans and Democrats agree on modernizing Los Angeles, according to a poll. Los Angeles residents strongly support the city’s landmark earthquake modernization law, according to a new poll, despite decades of conventional wisdom that such a rule would be politically unpopular due to its cost.

He California Senate Advances to Bill to penalize oil companies for rising gasoline prices. A bill, the first in the nation to punish oil companies for profiting from price hikes at the pump, rushed through the California Senate at Newsom’s urging, the first major vote in an effort to pass the law. for the end of the month.

TO California bill targets Skittles and other snacks with “toxic” chemicals. A proposed California law would ban the sale of foods, including Skittles and other snack foods, that contain certain “hazardous chemicals.”

and youunusual parasite is killing sea otters he California coast, scientists warn. Four sea otters that washed up on the California coast have died from an unusual parasite that scientists warn could infect other marine animals and humans.

How immune are we? Why answering this question is critical to post-pandemic life. The formal end of the pandemic on May 11 marks neither victory nor peace: it is a cessation of hostilities with a dangerous virus still very much with us. To navigate a world where the coronavirus is endemic, we need a reliable way to test our individual level of immunity. This is how we can.

COVID is still out there. Here’s what to do if you get it now. It’s 2023 and you just tested positive for COVID-19. Now what? Here are the latest CDC protocols, isolation recommendations, ways to treat it, and ways to prevent long-term COVID.

Downtown Los Angeles’ Grand Park will be renamed after Supervisor Gloria Molina. Dressed in Gloria Molina’s signature royal purple, Los Angeles County supervisors voted to rename Grand Park after the long-time supervisor, who last week revealed she has terminal cancer.

Michelin adds six restaurants to its California guide, and three of them are in Los Angeles County. In a preview of Michelin’s 2023 update to its dining guide for all of California, the international taste buds that ranks restaurants from one to three stars added six new restaurants to the state guide this month. Check them out here.

ICYMI, here are the great reads of this week

When everyone sounds like a weatherman, who should you trust? Amateur meteorologists tend to make more aggressive forecasts, which can help residents adapt quickly to storms. But professional meteorologists worry that some will try to gain attention by predicting massive storms when the chances are slim. Or trying too hard to be first, issuing forecasts based on premature and unreliable information.

Los Angeles’ only Native American school helps return land to California’s native population. By naming it the Chief Ya’anna Learning Village, a school official said, they will pay tribute to an indigenous leader who offered refuge to indigenous immigrants.

Will this Hollywood choreographer be able to teach a journalist to dance? In Hollywood, it’s not just musicals and reality competitions that require dance experience. Choreographers often need to teach moves to non-dancers in less than an hour. Choreographer Chuck Maldonado gives an idea of ​​what it is to choreograph for film and television.

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