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Escaping the City Limits

New York City has faced a great deal of adversity over the course of the last few years. Businesses that survived suffered financial losses, but many were forced to close their doors or relocate to survive. Many businesses frantically turned to commercial movers to relocate outside the city perimeters and even out of state to areas where local government was more business friendly.

Under normal circumstances, a business would be concerned about losing key employees, but now that most businesses have implemented remote working options, they can still retain employees who can fulfill their duties long distance.

Some employees may need to travel long distances to relocate. Different business types have different moving needs, from heavy equipment to office furniture to inventory to data centers, etc., each requiring an individual moving strategy to ensure the safe delivery to the new location. 

While not a fully comprehensive list, here are some of the various moving services businesses may need to move long distances:

  1. Most businesses have network equipment, computers, wiring, cabling, and other hardware that contain important business data. Some businesses can relocate existing equipment, but others may need to replace/upgrade equipment to fit the new location layout and support existing and future business staff.
  2. Businesses that carry inventory may need to move it to a warehouse during the transition, possibly using a third party to manage the inventory moving forward.
  3. Office spaces typically house desks, computers, chairs, conference tables, video, and audio equipment, etc. that require careful packing.
  4. Heavy equipment such as machinery used in manufacturing requires dismantling and moving by other heavy equipment. This is certainly no task for the average businessperson to take on himself!
  5. Laboratory furniture, fixtures and equipment in pharmaceutical companies, schools, research facilities, etc. require disconnecting from various supply lines. Sensitive materials may require special packing, temperature control, etc.
  6. Food products and other perishables require climate control throughout the move, or the business could suffer substantial loss of products and profits.

Planning and coordinating all the steps of a complicated move require professional help. For one, moving out of a metropolitan area calls for experience with working around parking restrictions and rules, office building requirements, and limiting disruption to your business and other businesses around you as much as possible.

Now that NYC is on high alert for Covid again, businesses must think ahead to future limitations they may experience moving into the fall season. The current administration has been strict in the past and has not shown leniency to businesses struggling to make ends meet. The same industries that struggled in the past are likely to face problems again. Hopefully, many have learned from the experience and made plans to overcome the difficulties. We will again see businesses flee and populate less dense areas where they have more space and liberty to operate as close to normal as possible under the circumstances.

Whatever route you choose, understanding what a long distance move entails ahead of time will help you strategize.

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