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Escape Academy made it harder to mess up your perfect score

I loved, loved Escape Academy. I think it’s one of the best, most interesting games of the year, an opinion certainly unaffected by my brain’s incessant need to “solve any puzzle, any puzzle”.

I have deliberately refrained from participating in too many previews and demos to keep my entire experience unspoiled. When the game launched, I devoured it, pacing so I wouldn’t blow through it in one sitting. It’s just a really fun puzzle game set in a fantastic escape room school that trains teenagers to solve puzzles in increasingly life-threatening situations because… why not?

And while I eagerly await the new content updates to be revealed in the game’s roadmap, I have to be content with a new quality-of-life update that is especially welcome for me.

Escape Academy has a robust hint system. If you get stuck, you can press a button and the game will point you in the direction you need to go, at the expense of your points in your final score. The problem is, it was far too easy to accidentally press that button. There were several perfect puzzles ruined by an erroneous slip of my hand. In the new quality-of-life update, you now have to press the button twice to confirm that you want a hint. Now I feel a little better about my second playthrough which will come sometime in the future when my brain has aged enough to forget the solutions.

You can find a total list of updates and bug fixes here, and there are other updates that are just as necessary, if not as exciting for me, as the hint fix. You can now switch split screen in online multiplayer, the developers have added a field of view slider and – another favorite – puzzle grading has been adjusted to be stricter. Excellent! The puzzle perfectionist in me is satisfied.

Escape Academy is out now on Xbox, Game Pass, PlayStation and PC.

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