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Eric Adams urges Kathy Hochul to ditch ‘catch, release, repeat’ bail reforms and get tough on crime

‘This Catch, Release, and Repeat System Is Destroying Our Country’: NYC Mayor Eric Adams disgusted by relaxed bail laws as repeat criminal tries to catch five-year-old girl on the street…so will newly elected governor Kathy Hochul FINALLY tackle crime?

  • Eric Adams appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Thursday to argue for changing current bail laws that put criminals back on the street
  • He Said Governor Kathy Hochul Was A ‘Good Partner’ But He Needed State Laws To Change
  • Hochul – who inherited the governorship in 2021 – was elected Tuesday, but by a surprisingly narrow margin of 5 percent
  • She was criticized during her campaign for her soft-on-crime rhetoric
  • It comes when crime in NYC spirals out of control, with repeat offenders constantly arrested
  • Among them is Juan Rivera, a 52-year-old convicted murderer who tried to kidnap an eight-year-old girl on Wednesday.
  • He was jailed in 2003 and sentenced to 25 years in prison, but was released in August

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is urging newly elected Governor Kathy Hochul to abolish the “catch, release, repeat” bail reforms fueling the city’s crime epidemic.

Hochul inherited the New York governorship from Andrew Cuomo last year. She was re-elected in Tuesday’s midterm by a narrower-than-expected margin, and has been widely praised for her lenient stance on crime and bail reform.

The bail reforms introduced in 2019 are, in most cases, putting an end to cash bonds, a forward thinking idea that has resulted in many criminals being released back onto the streets within hours of being caught.

Adams, a former cop, appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Thursday to appeal to her to toughen up.

“This catch, repeat, release system is just destroying the very foundation of our country. And that’s why we lose this election.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Thursday to quash the slack bail reform laws that are putting repeat offenders back on the street

Hochul (at her victory party on Tuesday) inherited the New York governorship from Andrew Cuomo last year. She was re-elected in Tuesday’s midterm by a narrower-than-expected margin, and has been widely praised for her lenient stance on crime and bail reform.

“Six out of 10 New Yorkers in the Hispanic and Asian community voted Democrat, compared to seven to eight in 10 last time. We’re losing the basic black and brown that really believes in those basic things. Public safety, housing, education.

‘We can’t talk our way out here. We need to be real what people are dealing with on the street.

“We need to get back to Albany…too many people in Albany, they’ve dug in and say, ‘If we change this small number of offenders and go after them, we’ll give up reform that I’ve been advocating.’

“Not recalibrating is a big mistake because there are too many people… who are repeat offenders. They’ve decided they’re going to get violent in our streets, and the unpredictability of their behavior is really…”

Among them is Juan Rivera, 52, who was arrested Wednesday after trying to grab an eight-year-old girl as she walked down the sidewalk in the Bronx with her father. He was only released from prison in August.

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The girl’s father was able to pry her from him, and two officers who happened to pass by took Rivera into custody.

Adams and Hochul are shown on October 22, before the election, as she was personally warned by her advisers and donors to crack down on the crime. She appeared with Adams at a subway crime press conference

Crime in New York City has soared in recent years, thanks in large part to a 2019 bail reform that virtually eliminated cash bonds.

He is charged with kidnapping, unlawful detention and intimidation. He had been in prison since 2003, when he was convicted of first degree murder for shooting a man in the Bronx.

In the run-up to the election, Hochul was personally urged by advisers and donors to vow to fire Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg.

CNBC cites sources in her camp saying she declined to make the pledge because Bragg was elected.

In his first week on the job, he told his team of prosecutors not to go after cash on most crimes unless there was no other option.

During a debate against Republican opponent Lee Zeldin before polls opened, Hochul sparked anger by saying she didn’t know why crime and bail reform were “so important” to him.

Hochul nevertheless won Tuesday’s midterm, but only by a margin of 5 points.

In 2018, Andrew Cuomo won the state by 60 percent more than Republican Marc Molinaro’s 36.2.

Hochul had the smallest margin on a Republican opponent than any previous Democratic candidate in the past 20 years.

George Pataki was New York’s last Republican governor, winning in 2002, just a year after 9/11.

Republican Mike Bloomberg won that same year, taking over from Rudy Giuliani, another Republican, who served for nine years.


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