Epic teases a huge explosion for Fortnite season 10

We are just one day away from season 10 of Fortnite, and it looks like things are becoming explosive. In a short video, developer Epic teased an event that many fans had expected: the glowing sphere in Loot Lake seems ready to blow up. Cracks have appeared on the globe in recent days, leading to speculation that a catastrophic event was happening. The teaser was accompanied by the expression "zero in".


It was a few days of Epic teasing. It started on Sunday at the World Cup Final, with a single image of the previously destroyed location Dusty Depot along with the phrase & # 39; think back & # 39 ;. Later teasers showed elements in the same way FortnitePast is inclusive the visitor from season 4 and Deviation from season 5. It seems that Epic wants to exploit the surprisingly rich history of the game's fiction for the coming season.

Everything should be revealed soon: Fortnite season 10 is launched on August 1.

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