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Epic Games launches the rewards program in its store


announced today Epic Games announces the launch of a rewards program for its own store on PC called “Epic Rewards”where users can redeem 5% of their rewards for every eligible purchase they make on Epic Game, starting today.

All Epic Games account holders are automatically enrolled in the program when they make a purchase, and any additional games, apps, content, or even virtual currency, including V-Bucks, will be guaranteed 5% rewards. However, the rewards will not be credited immediately to the users reward balance, but 14 days after the purchase is completed.

Some subscriptions are also eligible to earn reward points, and in order to activate this aspect users need to accept the Epic Games Store EULA.

Reward points can be combined with other discounts and coupons, but they will expire within 25 months from the date they are placed in your balance.

The Epic Games Store is rolling out new features to its store including the latest self-publishing tools that allow game developers and publishers to release their games on the storefront, and over the past years the company has also introduced the achievement system as well as shopping carts.

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