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EPHRAIM HARDCASTLE: Qatar cash for Prince Charles fund started after secretary left

EPHRAIM HARDCASTLE: Qatar Money for Prince Charles Fund Started After Secretary Left

Was it a mere coincidence that Qatari Sheikh Hamad’s first shipment of £3million endowment to Prince Charles took place in 2011 when HRH’s private secretary Michael Peat left the royal service? Peat raised his eyebrows in 2007 when Charles bought Dumfries House by raising a £20 million loan through his Charitable Fund.

Prince Charles bought Dumfries House by raising a £20m loan through his Charitable Fund

Prince Charles bought Dumfries House by raising a £20m loan through his Charitable Fund

This had to be repaid and courtiers suspect that in his efforts to replenish the fund, he enthusiastically accepted Qatar’s gifts, including huge amounts of cash.

Jonathan Aitken reveals a 30-year friendship with Sheikh Hamad and suggests that he personally handed over the money “to show respect to the heir to the throne”, adding: “If the prince had refused the gift and had the money returned, this would have been an insult.’

Paddy Power’s chances of ex-Scotland Yard Commissioner Cressida Dick getting the peerage she longs for have grown considerably after the humiliating special measures imposed on the Met by the Inspectorate. But despite many of the failures that have occurred during her watch, she will be encouraged by the majesty of her predecessor Bernard Hogan-Howe. This is despite his shocking handling of the chaotic VIP sexual abuse investigation, Operation Midland. And it’s a safe bet that if she’s exalted she won’t take the title ‘Baroness Dick of Stockwell’, referring to the south London location of the fatal shooting by police – under her command – of the innocent Brazilian Jean. Charles de Menezes in 2005.

Unsurprisingly, in their glowing eulogy of appointing Ollie Dabbous as the tournament’s ‘Chef Ambassador’ and curating a special menu for VIP guests, Wimbledon’s heads fail to mention that the celebrity chef’s restaurant of the same name chef had to temporarily close in 2015 due to an infestation of mice. Food Standards Agency inspectors gave the London eatery, which was closed for unrelated reasons and described by Michelin as food of ‘enchanting purity’, a zero rating.

Flora Gill, pictured below, is celebrating her late father AA’s 68th birthday: ‘The restaurant fondly put a candle in each of our puddings, but then the other tables saw it and started singing happy birthday loudly. They asked if they were all our birthdays and we told them it was our late father’s. Silence.’

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The Church of England’s traditional request to renounce the devil in baptisms and confirmations has been extended by the Diocese of Oxford to read: “Do you strive to protect the integrity of creation and to sustain and renew life on earth? ?’ Supposedly, if you say no to the new green commandment, you won’t be immersed in the font. Has Archbishop Welby’s Church lost the plot?

Father’s army chaplain Frank Williams, who has passed away, was inundated with drawings of engines by Formula 1 fans who mistook him for the Williams team boss, explaining: ‘I am writing back to say they have the wrong Frank Williams . I was even asked if I wanted to drive around the Le Mans circuit.”

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