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EPHRAIM HARDCASTLE: Prince Andrew frustrated that he can’t pursue his business interests in the US.

EPHRAIM HARDCASTLE: Prince Andrew is frustrated that he is unable to pursue his business interests in the US as the FBI is still eager to interview him.

Prince Andrew’s bewilderment at not yet receiving his share of his mother’s £370 million fortune is compounded by his frustration at not being able to continue his remaining business interests in the United States.

He hasn’t crossed the pond since May 2017 when he was in Los Angeles visiting his old friend Michael Milken.

Milken, an American billionaire financier, encouraged Andrew to promote his company Pitch@Palace and now encourages Andrew to return to the business world.

Unfortunately, if Epstein-spotted Andrew packs his stuffed animals for a transatlantic voyage, the FBI, still eager to interview him, might be waiting for him on the tarmac.

Prince Andrew has reportedly been taken aback by not yet receiving his share of his mother’s £370m fortune.

BBC World News presenter Laura Trevelyan, whose family donated £100,000 to Grenada and apologized for its role in slavery, asks the Radio Times how far King Charles is willing to go in acknowledging the royal family’s role in sanction the slave trade.

HM would be too polite to ask nicely how far Laura is willing to go to address the role of her four-time great-grandfather, Sir Charles Trevelyan, in the Irish famine.

Trevelyan, the official responsible for famine relief when a million were notoriously starving, declared: ‘God’s judgment sent calamity to teach the Irish a lesson.’

If King Charles wrote his children’s story The Old Man of Lochnagar today, would he find a publisher?

The 1980 tale of a Balmoral hermit living in a cave features an old man (age discrimination), a race of little people in Scotland (hurtful to the disabled), farting (bad taste), a toilet flushing the bagpipes when discharged (racial tones). ), the unnatural use of animals (cruelty), and a tartan-clad woman angrily shoving a stationmaster with an umbrella onto his canceled train (gratuitous violence).

Could it attract the attention of sensitive Dahl readers?

Former Chancellor George Osborne describes himself as a 'dazzled fan' of Logan Roy, the famous alter ego of actor Brian Cox (pictured)

Former Chancellor George Osborne describes himself as a ‘dazzled fan’ of Logan Roy, the famous alter ego of actor Brian Cox (pictured)

Appearing alongside Succession actor Brian Cox on Channel 4’s The Andrew Neil Show, former Chancellor George Osborne describes himself as a “glow fan” of the Scotsman’s famed alter ego Logan Roy, cheekily asking: ” I don’t know if they’ll allow Channel 4 for us to hear Logan Roy’s most famous catchphrase (‘fuck them!’)?’ Cox responds: ‘George, you have to pay me a huge amount of money to swear… I charge for that now.’

Indeed. Brian currently charges £572 per video to curse out fans Logan-style.

After removing Gary Lineker from Match Of The Day without checking that he had a replacement ready, BBC CEO Tim Davie emerges with a new moniker. Like Vladimir Putin, who thought he could easily rid Ukraine of Volodymyr Zelensky, Tim is now known as ‘Vlad’.

With no gong after the Oscars, Banshees of Inisherin director Martin McDonagh won’t be amused by Charles Moore and his wife Caroline’s discovery of a howler in the film when Jenny the donkey vomits before choking to death on a finger .

“Donkeys,” his lordship observed, “like horses and cows, cannot vomit.